World Cup Fantasy Football League

(DayC) #102

Just done my transfers for this weekend, Muller and Benzema in and Pogba out plus some defender switches.

Edit: So happy I didn’t take Silva out!

(Erlend Prestmo) #103

I had five colombian players on my team. RIP.

(Peter Woodberry) #104

Gave up on this one focused on the McDonalds one instead which is 100000x better.

(Dean) #105

Like how you wait until now to tell people, knowing full well you’d lose if we joined in :wink:

(Peter Woodberry) #106

Already winning my mates league on there so I don’t think so :wink:

(DayC) #107

Should have told us which league you were in @WoodchucK i’m sure we wouldn’t have been any threat :wink:

(Dean) #108

Look at Peet thinking he knows anything about kickball.

(Ryan Roberts) #109

Took out Neymar before the Semis, though I went with Colombia to beat Brazil so my squad isn’t as robust as I would like it to be for the the semi & final. Though I have a pretty healthy lead at the moment in all of the leagues I’m in.

(Owain) #110

You’re probably the only one taking it seriously that’s why!

Cba playing when it’s run so poorly.