World Cup Fantasy Football League

(Owain) #82

Congrats to the Sun for making possibly the worst fantasy league system of all time.

(Ryan Roberts) #83

Neymar still going strong for me.

(DayC) #84

Performing well over my expectations fantasy wise, Benzema is doing huge work for you too.

I’m being carried by Rodriguez right now, he’s done really well for me.

Trades open around 9am everyone looking to trade dead weight out… like Ronaldo.

(Ryan Roberts) #85

I took Rodriguez out of my team… gutted. I think went with De Bruyne instead.

Pogba is the biggest disappointment for at the moment.

(Owain) #86

Only because assists don’t count… zzz

And who is the numpty in charge of giving out player ratings as well? He should be sacked!

(Sanchez ) #87

ronaldo , welbeck and coentrao out for me

(DayC) #88

Messi, Rojo and Rodriguez (swiss) all stepping up for me last night.

Robben in for Lukkaku (watch him score loads now)
Vorm in for Buffon (cost had to shave 1m and the point diff is 3)
Neymar in for Ronaldo

Sticking with Pogba as 12 pts is solid and keeping a decent back line who are all on positive points now.

(Ryan Roberts) #89

Top of the league still, 32 points clear. Howedes, Blind, Valbuena and Rodriquez brought in.

(Owain) #90

Not for much longer then!

(Dean) #91

van Persie is back now, and we have two easy games. Not for much longer :wink:

(Erlend Prestmo) #92

What you guys recon for this team? My fantasy team

(DayC) #93

Get Muller off the bench!

(DayC) #94

My final switch has been made Ricardo Rodriguez is out for Cristian Gamboa. Costa Rica have a fairly easy match up vs Greece wereas the Swiss face off against Argentina, Gamboa is the same cost (£1m) and has 16 pts as opposed to 4 from Rodriguez.

(Erlend Prestmo) #95

Less points when they are on the bench?

(DayC) #96

Ah I assumed being benched gave you no points for them, my bad!

(Erlend Prestmo) #97

Nah they get just as many points I belive! Good tip on Gamboa acutally, goona swap him for Boateng.

Need 1 point to get Di Maria now…

(Erlend Prestmo) #98

Fantasy team

Changed it up to having Gamboa, Duarte and Di Maria for Boateng, Sakho and Fellaini.

(Gazza) #99

changed my team up now

(DayC) #100

Brought Neymar and Robben in and they’ve both done fuck all… if Lukkaku scores tomorrow i’ll be pissed.

(Ryan Roberts) #101

So @Adamack about that prize incentive…