World Cup Fantasy Football League

(Ryan Roberts) #62

Oh marvellous - two assists from Ricardo Rodriguez, neither of which will gain me a single point.

(DayC) #63

Same here, fucking annoying.

(Owain) #64

Me too, nothing for Pogba I bet even though he wins the penalty -.-

(DayC) #65

Pogba with 4 points so far haha, Ronaldo is on today and i’m third hope he can do good like Messi.

(Dean) #66

This league is shit. Ryan had the best idea just stacking strikers, you get points for nothing else at all.

(Owain) #67

All Columbian defense is so OP

(Ryan Roberts) #68

Ha ha, it’s all about the goals and clean sheets…

(Adam Mackenzie) #69

Pepe pls

(DayC) #70

Can’t believe I took muller out :frowning:

(Yan) #71

Thank you Muller

(DayC) #72

The Portuguese are embarrassing.

(Ryan Roberts) #73


Germany didn’t play Durm and in my Telegraph team the Swiss didn’t start Schar.

(DayC) #74

And Lukakku has gone off, great…

(Nick) #75

First round of matches + Brazil/Mexico is done. I’m second to bottom on 10 points. Fred is the worst striker in the whole tournament. I figured he gets play time and he’ll be up front for the winning team each game. But OH MY GOD so bad. Lukaku couldn’t do shit against the Algeria bus either.

(Owain) #76

Some people just don’t know their football :wink:

(Owain) #77

LMFAO Nick no wonder you are only on 10 points, your team is garbage! Did you just press the randomizer button?

(Dean) #78

He supports Everton. What could he possibly know about football?

(Nick) #79

Half your team is made up of Netherlands players in a group with Spain and Chile. I don’t even. And yet you’re top…


(Dean) #80

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.


(Ryan Roberts) #81

Finally got some points from my defence… Some serious transfer action going down for the knockout stages.