World Cup Fantasy Football League

(Ryan Roberts) #42

Top of the league after day one:

(Adam Mackenzie) #43

No brazillians in my squad… I swear I had at least one :stuck_out_tongue:

(Ryan Roberts) #44

I was a bit gutted Shcar from the Swiss squad wasn’t included for some reason in the player pool…

(Adam Mackenzie) #45

Only player I have tonight is Casillas. Not got high hopes for any points tonight…

(Owain) #46

@Tugsy you seem to be very confident that France are going to go far?

I hope you are right because I have them in the sweep-stake!

(Ryan Roberts) #47

I think they are going to do ok in the group stages (though they have a deceptively tough group), I don’t think they will get past the quarters / semis.

(DayC) #48

Brazil on the whole were garbage yesterday, I have 2 in defence and was looking for a clean sheet for each of them what a fucking let down.

(Owain) #49

GG Casillas! Concede 1 goal in your last 5 matches and now let in 5 in one game.


(Adam Mackenzie) #50

Don’t think I could have had a worse start… Casillas you prick haha.

(Luke Lewis) #51

good thing i only got 1 Spanish player!!

(Dean) #52

Top of the league thanks to Robben and Van Persie getting me 30 points between them haha.

No idea how Snijder and de Jong got no points for me. I don’t get how it works.

(Owain) #53

The Sun have really cocked it up with their point system…

(Dean) #54

Fuck, looks like Buffon could be out of the cup. What do with my keeper :frowning:

(DayC) #55

Isn’t Buffon only out of the England game?

Cuadrado and Rodriguez in my team do me proud and destroy Greece lads!

Edit: Christ I took Almero out my team sort of regretting that now.

(Dean) #56

That’s what I thought, but read that he might be out for the tournament now. Unsure what to do, got 2 hours to decide!

(DayC) #57

Worst case he stays at 0 pts and you can cheer for England :wink:

(Owain) #58

Tbh I’d like to have a keeper who just sits on 0 pts! far too easy to go into -for defenders and keepers.

(Dean) #59

But I don’t follow England :wink:

(DayC) #60

20 points from my columbians. Still waiting on Messi, Ronaldo, Lukkaku and Pogba to show up to the party!

(Yan) #61

Hopefully Aguero, Ronaldo, Dzeko, Muller and Mash can get me up and running, I’m on -1 points right now

Really fucked up putting Dante in