World Cup Fantasy Football League

(Gavin Rainey) #21

I have just failed to be impressed by him

and when I watched the confederations cup he liked to roll around a lot

(Dean) #22

Are rosters locked when the tournament starts?

(Gavin Rainey) #23

You get changes each week incase of injuries etc, but its 1 free and then you get penalised for any after (AFAIK)

(DayC) #24

So use him for the groups and drop him after? Or drop the unimpressive Neymar and spread the cost round. Lukkaku is a good bet as a striker and is in an easy group.

(Adam Mackenzie) #26

Marco Reus out, big loss for Germany if you ask me!

(Ryan Roberts) #27

Finished squad:

Toss up between Vermaelen and Alder, I think Alder is more locked down at the moment.

@DayC I rate Neymar, I don’t see any value in picking England players so I’m going to for players I think will do well in both the group and finals.

(Nick) #28

Oh i see we’re posting our teams.

Stacking on the heavy group favourites.

(Peter Woodberry) #29

For me it was between him and Kroos, glad I picked Kroos in the end even though I’m gutted Reus is missing the groups minimum :frowning:

(Sam) #30

this. goota change my team now

(Ryan Roberts) #31

I’ve just been told you get points for goals, but none for assists? Is that right?

(DayC) #32

I hope not or i’ll be swiftly changing my team up.

(Ryan Roberts) #33

Yup - assists don’t do a thing:

All Players
Each Goal Scored (excluding shoot-outs) +5 points
Hat trick (3 or more goals in one match) +5 points
Yellow Card -1 point
Red Card -3 points
Penalty Miss (excluding shoot-outs) -3 points
Player Rating of 7 or more (See Sunsport in The Sun) +3 points
Star Man (See Sunsport in The Sun) +5 points

Penalty Save or Miss (excluding shoot-outs) +3 points

Defenders and Goalkeepers
Clean Sheet (no goals conceded) +5 points
Concede more than 1 goal -1 point per goal

Clean Sheet (no goals conceded) +2 points

(Gazza) #34

my team at moment nothing really special

(Gavin Rainey) #35

Going to change my team i think based on that intel thanks Ryan

(DayC) #36

@Tugsy Cheers for that.

(Ryan Roberts) #37

Yeah think I’m going to have to do a little re-work as well now…

(Owain) #38

No points for assists? That must be a mistake…

(Dean) #39

All signed up, can link squad later at work at the minute. 5 Dutchies in it, and predicted NL on the wall chart predictor.

I can dream right?

(Adam Mackenzie) #40

All ready to go, changed my formation to 4-3-3 considering that midfielders don’t get points for assists. Think I’ve got a solid squad tbh!

(Ryan Roberts) #41

I’ve stuck with a 4,4,2 - just couldn’t find a way to get a decent third striker; annoying how we can’t do a 3,4,3 formation as well.