With Halo: MCC will Halo grow within esports?

(Fatmanp) #21

Only one multiplayer console fps has come close to Halo 2 since it released and that was COD4. Even then it was not as good.

(Webb) #23

this this this so much this, i’ve thought this for so long.

(Paul Corkin) #25

Apparently there is going to be a PC Version of this. More and more rumors coming out. Amazon listed it on Amazon.es.

(Gavin Rainey) #26

That changes things

I will play it if it is on PC

(Fatmanp) #27

Don’t see the point of a PC release its not a PC style game. Plus if it does it won’t be for a year so to not dilute xb1 sales.

(Josh) #28

I’d buy it on PC not sure I would switch games though.

(Gavin Rainey) #29

This ^^

CS is my game now man

(Erlend Prestmo) #30

Exactly why are you guys positive on playing it on PC?

(Gavin Rainey) #31

XB1’s suck, and if they do it so PC can play Xbox it means I can give everyone the treatment every now and then.

But none of the Halo games are as good as CS:GO in terms of a competitive shooter. And it is current.

(Dean) #32

Because I’m not buying an Xbox 1 for a single game I will drop the second Doom, UT, Toxikk or Reborn comes out. I wouldn’t ever buy another game on the XB1. I only buy digital and I’d rather buy a few games on Steam than drop £55 on an XB1 game.

(Erlend Prestmo) #33

IMO MCC is well worth the price of the XB1. Any tournament will obviously only be hosted on the XB1 aswell.

(C**t ) #34

Seeing as all the Halo players are under the assumption they are getting an event for Halo X(most likely 2) at i53, does that mean Insomnia are going to buy or rent like 8-16 Xbox Ones for Halo, when they wont even have to do this for COD:AW as that is still on last gen.

(Gavin Rainey) #35

Apparently they (MPUK) have xbox ones

Also Erlend dude, I am a big believer of let sleeping dogs lie nothign will bring back halo to its former glory

(Dean) #36

I don’t see how a €400 console and a €60 game I already own is worth the money. I wouldn’t mind but the game is all about Halo 2 really. A game they took off Live and are closing on Vista. I’m paying to reactivate a game I own.

If you want an XB1 for more than MCC then sure I can understand, but I doubt I’d ever buy another game on it.

(Richard Bowman) #37

I think you are being a bit unfair on what you are getting for the £55 - £60 it will cost for the Master Chief Collection. You are not just getting a game ‘you already own’, you are getting it along with 3 other games, all with online play, 1080p, 60fps gameplay. Yes Halo 2 is the big one, but you also get Halo 1,2,3 (and 4, but nobody cares).

Even if you already own all of those games (like me) it is still well worth the price, as they sold Halo Anniversary for full retail price, and that was just the campaign.

(Erlend Prestmo) #38

Obviously I’m interested in other games on the console. Destiny is a big one, and many more are coming in 2015.

And yeah, Halo 1 on XBL is a big one for veteran players.

(Paul Corkin) #39

I agree with Noodle, not worth the investment of £££ for MCC. I’d play it on PC if it comes but its only rumours at the minute.

(Dean) #40

Baring Halo 1, which could be played via tunneling, they all have online play. The thing is Microsoft turned off the servers for Halo 2, and want me to pay to activate it again essentially. Halo 3 and 4 are still both online. The only games I am interested in here are 1 and 2, I wasn’t a major fan of 3, and never even bought 4. Having played Halo 2 on Vista, I found I am now tired of the game and I’m guessing the same with Halo 1.

I’d like to regard myself as a Halo 1 veteran, since my first ever tournament was a Halo CE event down in London, but it’s now nearly 13 years old and I’ve played it to death. It hasn’t had a mirage of new content like Quake Live has, so I’ll be playing the same game, same game types, same maps I’ve played for 13 years. Now take in to account buying the console and XBL to play a game for 12 months before Halo 5 comes out and it dies, and you’re looking at around €500. That’s €41,67 a month for the game it works out at.

Like I said, if I owned an XB1 I would buy it, but I’m not going to buy the console for a single game. I don’t have interest in the other games coming out on the console which aren’t already coming out on the PC as well, so it seems like a silly choice to buy it for me. XB1 has a poor set of exclusive titles, and I don’t remember the last time a Microsoft exclusive actually blew me away. No issues with the game as such, just explaining why I won’t be buying it and only having interest if it’s on the PC which I think was the original question.

(Gavin Rainey) #41

Its not about us being fair or unfair, what are you talking about?

M$ are being unfair charging 55-60 quid for a greatest hits disk for games that are dated now. The old Halo games have no appeal now. You know there are even strong indicators (this is one source, google for more http://www.extremetech.com/gaming/187536-could-microsoft-upgrade-the-xbox-ones-hardware-to-fix-the-ps4-performance-gap) That theyre going to update the xbox one? So to be £300+ for crap hardware, and an overpriced rerelease. Noty.

I enjoyed my time on Halo, it was great, going back now will ruin it. None of the games will be popular for a long time, this is by Microsofts design too. Release the compilation CD get people happy for a while, drop a new game and force the meta over to it, even though its pony. People quit, a few remain on the old games because they cant let go/are crap at h5/didnt play first time round.

All the players I played Halo 2 with are either playing CS, or have moved on in life. I have no care whatsoever. I considered it to team with @Lethal but he wants to nolife, and I can’t do that.

Even for the campaign perspective, say for MrMonopoly or any other halo runners, money on it they stay on the originals, because of skips/glitches etc.

For me to return to Halo now would be to leave the best competitive shooter on the planet currently (open to discussion) with the backing of the #1, Valve. A game I am going through the same journey as Halo with, started out fun, learned I could aim, learned I understood the game, and am now entering low level competition (UK suck compared to EU) to see where I fall and where I complain.

You, me and anyone else who played Halo do not owe ANYTHING to that franchise, it is a waste of time. The XBOX one might well pull a dreamcast this generation. The WIIU is being out major exclusives, and the PS4 has so much more to offer, i would skip it completely.

(Richard Bowman) #42

Im not sure what you are talking about here? Im not talking about the price of the Xbox One, Im talking about the price of the MCC collection. The actual collection itself represents good value, regardless on whether it will actually be big in esports or not. Remember, Valve did this with the Orange box, and nobody complained then about them re releasing some of their greatest games. I think some people are just being stubborn because it is Microsoft doing this, which automatically makes it evil and wrong.

I have moved on from thinking, or caring if Halo makes it big in epsorts again. I play League to get my competitive fix, and will be playing Halo and Destiny on the X1 for my shooter fix, but I doubt I will actually compete again at a tournament. Regardless what you think about the Xbox 1, for owners of the console the MCC is great value for money, they are getting 4 FULL games, complete with campaign and multiplayer for the price of one game.

I don’t understand what you mean when you say ‘we don’t own Halo anything’? Im looking forward to the game, not because I think I owe Halo anything, but because it has 3 of my favorite games, both single player and multiplayer on one disc for my current machine. Think of it this way, your favorite film originally came out on VHS, then when that became obsolete they put it out on DVD and you bought it again. So now is a Blu Ray version, and you would like to see it in HD, not because you owe the film anything, but because it is your favorite film and you want to be able to watch it on the technology you own, not digging out some old outdated technology just to get it to work.

Remember, Im not talking about the price of the Xbox One, or even people leaving their games to return to Halo. Im talking about does Halo: MCC represent good value for money, and yes of course it does.