What Are You Currently Listening To Thread

(Sam Hather) #201

An ode to Prince

(DayC) #202

I listen to some right shit, but I love it.

(Paul Corkin) #203

Drake - Views, Only because it’s only released so have to check it out.

(DayC) #204

(Rob Thomas) #205

(DayC) #206

What were you saying Azealia?


(Paul Corkin) #207

This in reply to her twitter shit? she’s a fucking moron!

(DayC) #208

Not a reply but I just found it funny she came out and said that shit and just on a random Youtube drop AJ has more bars than she ever will.

(Adam) #209

(Paul Corkin) #210

Kind of glad the UK scene dropped her from shows tbh.

(Sam Hather) #211

Rinse FM had no choice. She shouldn’t have been playing anyway, everyone always knew she’s a racist homophobe, and Rinse FM has a huge gay following. Was a weird decision from the get go.

(Xenoscythe) #212

Uh…one of these is not like the others…


The GoW4 trailer mate, the song’s everywhere atm - certainly no complaints from me mind you lol.

(Paul Corkin) #214


Such a tune.

(Sam Hather) #215

Such a fucking unbelievably nice song. But as bagel said the GOW4 trailer made it blow up again. Happens with every trailer song they choose!

Don’t think they’ve ever chosen a bad song tbf

(Gavin Rainey) #216

@Roozle BNarstie regulates the situation.


Had it in my head all day at work xD

(Paul Corkin) #218

Chance The Rapper - Coloring Book.

(Rob Thomas) #219

(Dean) #220