Weird internet problem

(Yan) #1

So my internet has been shit on and off for about 4 days now and I started to notice a pattern that it’d get really bad whenever I turned my desktop PC on. I decided to turn it off and run speedtests on my phone and laptop and lo and behold, they turned out completely normal, but as soon as I turn the PC back on, the speed plummets again. The strange part is at this point the desktop isn’t wired up to be connected to the internet in any way.

I swapped the PC’s power cable from one extension lead to another and this put things back to normal for a little while, but it soon went to shit again and right now I’m having to plug the PC directly into the wall socket and create an elaborate daisy chain setup with the extensions for everything else. Even if this continues to work, I’m nervous about leaving things the way they are because it doesn’t make sense.

Is my power supply dying? Are my extension leads dying? Is the entire power setup in my house dying? Am I dying? Please help


A few things to work through here i guess, firstly have you tried running your router directly from the wall and not via a power extension? Secondly have you tried your PC on a completely separate socket/room and does this still effect your router? How many electrical items are running through that particular extension/socket?

What I’m assuming is that everything is being powered by a single double socket or extensions, this can cause power fluctuations, especially when something heavy duty is being used such as your PC on the same ‘line’ per say. This can cause issues occasionally with routers, often the first thing an engineer will do pop it straight into the wall socket with no extensions and use an adapter to try and control the flow.

(Yan) #3

I’ve got the two wall sockets, one powering the PC and another powering an extension lead that is in turn powering two more extension leads with my TV, modem, router, TiVo box, speakers, laptop and probably something else I’m forgetting.

This seemed to start when I got a new TV the other day, but even unplugging everything other than the PC/modem/router didn’t fix it. I say didn’t, because like I say, now the PC is plugged directly into the wall, it’s working perfectly. I’m basically just anxious that something could blow up at any second.

I haven’t tried running the PC from a different room because it’s a bit awkward logistically but that’ll be the first thing I try if it screws up again