The Premier League 2014/15 Thread

(Gavin Rainey) #1

Reliving the highlights of the old forum thread where many an arguments went down.


NeoKubrick betting on arsenal and never posting again.
Epic battles with xTracer and his stats.

As a 20+ year Manchester United Fan I eagerly await some signings, and the preseason.

(Dean) #2

Looking forward to following this over this year. Not sure who to put my money on at the minute, I reckon Liverpool have a chance again but they’re bound to choke again.

(DayC) #3

No Deulofeu for Everton this season and probably no Lukkaku. Still waiting to see Barry sign up now that is contract is up with Man City, can’t see him not tbh we’re the best he’s going to get at his age for regular play week in week out.

That frees up 2 loan signings for us and i’m hoping we can stengthen our back line. Looking forward to Oviedo coming back but Alcaraz is not good enough, Distin is getting on a bit and Stones needs someone experienced to support him if he fills in.

I’m still convinced we should go in for Loic Remy or Wilfried Bony to replace Lukkaku aswell but the only thing Martinez has come out and said is that he and his staff have set targets and thats it. Theres always rumours but if we want to compete in Europa we have to stop going for the cheap unknowns and start spending on established players who can slot in quickly.

(Peter Woodberry) #4

I don’t think the top 4 will change at the end of next season, Utd still need a year or two to recover and Spurs will need to weed out the shit that they bought last year or pray that Pochettino can get the best out of them.

(C**t ) #5

I don’t at all see Liverpool challenging for the title, they’ll easily be Top 4 though, they wont be in the race as a proper contender, not without some massive £20m+ signings especially in defense which is where they looked weak towards the end of the season.

The rest of the Top 4 will be Chelsea, City and Arsenal again, I think United could finish there as there is no European football of any kind so its just domestic matches and squad rotation, therefore i think it is possible though it is based solely on our dealings in in the window and the cohesion that the ‘new’ back 4 have.

Also think that City or Liverpool may receive a few bids for their main strikers, (both from Real) and i fully expect them to see them off, with city having the financial backing they have and Suarez having the CL football he desired teamed with that he should feel that hes in debt to Liverpool over the loyalty they’ve shown over the countless scandals and shortcomings since hes been at the club.

Personally think City will run out as winners second time in a row, though that’s just based on last seasons performance, the strength of their squad and the amount of money they spend in transfer windows.

(DayC) #6

Chelsea are looking like they might have a striker worth the cash for once…

(Sam) #7

newcastle to relegated and pardrew to punch ben arfa after arfa starts on him for being a bench warmer. Probs sign some french kid for free whos shit.

(Nick) #8

Completely agree. Looks like Swansea are after a lot of money for Bony though.

Almost feeling sorry for Southampton supporters. Looks like they could sell nearly all their star players in one transfer window.

(DayC) #9

And don’t forget their manager too, they’ll be down and out next season if they don’t play it smart.

(Rob Thomas) #10

I can only say that Chelsea will come higher than Arsenal.

90% chance Arsenal will be in the final of the Arsenal cup vs either a bottom of the prem league or a Championship team.


(Adam) #11

In all seriousness though, if the Cesc rumours are true I might throw myself of a building.

(Rob Thomas) #12

What it would be like if England win the WC.

(Rob Thomas) #13

RIP @Adzi

(C**t ) #14

Inb4 United still try and sign him for the rest of the window.

(Rob Thomas) #15

@Adzi in full blown denial right now.

He is adamant it’s a troll.

Edit: @Adzi right now >

(Adam) #16




(Gazza) #17


rip adzi

(Owain) #18

Fabregas, Matic, Oscar, Hazard, Schurrle and Costa… Dayum.

Will be interesting to see how Hyypia does at Brighton!

(Dean) #19

@adzi Day. Made.

Arsenal. Forever 4th.