TeqR esports vs 5Frags.org / ESL Winter League PLAYOFFS Round 4 / Match Thread

(Gavin Rainey) #1

##TeqR esports vs 5Frags.org

[details=ESL Winter League PLAYOFFS Round 3][/details]

Date: Dec 6 2016
Start: 7:00pm (UK Time)
Format: Bo3

Round 1 Result: bye
Round 2 Result: 2-0 vs Grof.Black
Rounds 3 Result: 2-0 vs Venkonas.Dev (Default win given due to ST4NIX cheating)


Live stats (available at 7:00pm)
Live stream (available at 7:00pm)

Team Rosters:

[details=TeqR esports][/details]
Mania - Trialist


Go TeqR!!!

This looks like it is going to be a hard match, 5Frags look a really solid team, with a lot of individual skill. They beat Venkonas.Dev who cheated to take the win from us initially (this may have triggered the cheat to be turned on) pretty easily. At one point Fox (Dosias brother) played on this team. Additionally theyre on hltv:


(Lethal) #2

I’ll make sure to watch this tonight, great to see how Pete fits in.

(C**t ) #3

Just so you know mate, it says 5FRAGS.

(-.---.) #4

2 Nords > 0 Nords

(Adam Harwood) #5

I’ll be at work so won’t see this tonight :frowning: might sneak a few rounds in on my phone if I can though. Best of luck boys!

(Sam Connolly) #6

Well played lads, looked like a hard team to face.

(Peter Woodberry) #7

Those guys we’re very good, aims on point and were a solid unit. Best team I’ve faced in a long time even in previous teams.

(Thom Haas) #8

Yeah they were good and showed no respect. Shows us where we are but where we want to be :smile:

(Gavin Rainey) #9

You had some close rounds on Nuke, down to 1vs1 a few times.