Starting up the arranged customs again

(Anthony) #1

Who’s interested? The idea I have is arranged mixes twice a week that will utilise the stats from the game to create an in-house ranking system.

With all the HaloForum players moving from Halo 3 to H2V while waiting for Master Chief’s greatest power ballads album it will make it easier to get reliable games going as the playerbase will be larger and we may discover some new talent.

(Adam) #2

You can put me down. i52 totally made me want to play Halo again.

Won’t be able to make it every time because I’ve got a TF2 team to practice with now but I’ll play when I can.

(Matt) #3

Hi. I’m Glock Wan

How do we track stats though.

(Dean) #4

Didn’t Harry manage to get them exported to an xml file or something? I’m sure me and Brad could find a way to use that data in a fancy way.

(Adam) #5

@Matt Team with me bby


Servers can keep stats in .xml @Matt

(Fusion) #7

Depending on times I’m in.

(Erlend Prestmo) #8

Looks like I have NAT problems, meaning I can’t play on the SSRCG 4v4 server.