SSRCG Halo 2 PC Mix

(Gavin Rainey) #1

Hi All,

I have an idea for when we aren’t playing our main games (for me when Jade is streaming) and in the gap between LANs it might be a good idea to get some H2V mixes going and play the topmid players. Also it means @Lethal can get a constant stream of high quality players to practice against on good ping. When we have 4 on, we play ffa until we get 8. When we have 8 on, we do inhouse scrims.

Karneasy - Easy TM
Rod - Van Slab
Kano - ???
Teqr - ???
An7 - ???


(Mikey) #2

You know I’m 100% down for this.

(Matt) #3

I have no idea what my tag will be

(Van Slab) #4

Tag is Van Slab

(Andy ) #5

SuperSniper UK

(Dean) #6

Am I not counted as a decent player then?

(Gavin Rainey) #7

Youre fecking shit

@Triton will you be able to fly now? Seriously if you can me you Ant Kano lets make a team you can sit 1 shot top mid every game

(Andy ) #8

1 shot top mid the easy life.

I’m not sure yet i have 4 hospital appointments this month.
Also i don’t really have the time to game at the moment, some real life stuff etc… but i will let you know if/when i can, would be amazing to whoop around some of these H2A fanboys on that forum.

(Mikey) #9

Anyone gonna be on tonight?

(Gavin Rainey) #10

I struggle to enjoy this game now @Kano

The new kids are so bad, and because theyre PC novices in some cases, theyre struggling to fix things like NAT, and as a result take like 40 shots and run around dipping to red bar with absolutely no idea how to play.

I think I might just leave it and play CS.

which means you need to buy CS.