SSRCG ESEA Season 24

(Matt) #61

Highest headshot pct. Quality not quantity

(Gavin Rainey) #62

but my 7 2k’s

(-.---.) #63

With nuke it’s so setup heavy especially towards A, is it worth say if you’re on hut to smoke the molly and to protect from anyone coming through squeaky so you can bum people with thr auto-shotty?

(Peter Woodberry) #64

Most teams on an upper hit will smoke/moli/flash then wait 2-3 secs then flash and then hit the site so it really depends on what sort of positions you’re in, I’ve found more success recently by playing right at the back of site as the floor player so you can take a 1on1 duel with the first guy pushing out of hut while your team mate takes the aggro from the door pushers if you win your duel with the first hut guy then you just swing far side of site while your team mate is fighting and you can usually catch one or two guys looking at him rather than you.

I find taking first contact as the floor player is better as the first guy out on an upper hit is looking for the rafters player.

(Thom Haas) #65 @Smidsy

(Ben ) #66

Go AUG or go home!

(Gavin Rainey) #67

Update, been a long time however we currently sit:

4 Wins (1 win 3 Defwins) 6 Losses

Puts us 106 out of 15 on the leaderboard and our stats show:

Please bear in mind people like Xeno only played for the mega hard games, which is why his RDubs is lower.

Two train matches this week, I want to win them both!