SSRCG ESEA Season 24

(-.---.) #41

Match schedule releases around ~11pm tonight

(Gavin Rainey) #42

hattons team haha

(-.---.) #43

TeqR vs x6tence damn gl

(Lethal) #44

I’m sure you lot will shag them, GL guys <3

(Peter Woodberry) #45

I hope you guys gay Hattons team on Nuke.

(Peter Woodberry) #46

My team had our first game of the season on Nuke today.

Lost both pistols but still managed to limit them to only 6 rounds! :smiley:

(Gavin Rainey) #47

teqr had theirs too, lost to a team in EU Open after beating an IM team 16-8 in prac just before.

One of the next games for TeqR is existence or w/e theyre called too, a spanish team.

(Peter Woodberry) #48

Yeah I saw you guys have FlipaN’s team or w/e he’s called. Surprised they’re not in IM or Main tbh.

(Gavin Rainey) #49

You missed out on a good opportunity to play some good teams, reeling through the list there are teams who are genuinely playing in Open to get promoted not Muffin man and the lads from Bognor Regis who will split up at the end of the season.

(Lethal) #50

Is anyone streaming the matches or is it ok to come and spectate? I know some teams get a bit autistic with Tourney matches.

(Gavin Rainey) #51

we will stream them, we did last night

(Peter Woodberry) #52

I know mate, if we don’t get out of open this season I think that’ll be it for me in this team at least.

(Peter Woodberry) #53

Second game of week 1 done, had to get them done early as we have a player away 31st-5th. This game was quite sloppy from us actually but they were dire so we ended up winning 16-3

(Matt) #54

Are you telling me that robocock7 wasn’t a tier 1 player?

(Peter Woodberry) #55

He was hitting nasty juan deag’s in warmup I was scared until we went live.

(Dean) #56

He ain’t a player, he a playah

(Gavin Rainey) #57

well done tonight boys, we fought hard

(Sam Hather) #58

me and @catalystc absolutely smashing the clutches

(Gavin Rainey) #59

I dont know if 9-21 is smashing anything @catalystc

Hattons team tonight lerds

(chris moore) #60

played aids last night wasnt on that RNS, decided i hate nuke, even more than cbble, d2 4 lyfe