Some help with my laptop

(Andy ) #1

Hello guys, can some of you tech geeks help me out a bit with some issues i am having?

Firstly, anyone know if you can easily do a clean windows install (factory reset) after you have upgraded to windows10? Last 2 times i did it with windows 8/8.1 i’ve got the following error: “failed configuring windows updates reverting changes” and had to contact windows tech support both times and had them fix it for me, i really can’t be arsed to go through that bullshit again.

Secondly, i need to replace my fan and apply some new thermal paste… does anyone know a good website for Asus parts? I can only find dodgy websites for the fan or where they only sell the complete heatsink:

What is that square on the left for btw? The 2 on the right are for CPU/GPU (Graphic card) but no idea what the other one is. Also any idea what thermal paste is best to use? My Laptop is an Asus N76V btw.

Please help a dutchy out! I would be very grateful(Me love you long time)
After this is fixed i will come play some CS:GO and clutch 1hp with awp!



(Sam Hather) #2

disable real time scanning on your antivirus when installing windows. No need to fresh install anyway really, was breezy as fuck for me.

Second part- I’d recommend contacting Asus directly to ask about a decent vendor / if they will sell one to you