SkitzQ's boxing

(Randal Octagonapus) #1

I don’t know if he has an account here so I’ll post this up on his behalf, Skitz was an old school H2 player and posts up his fights on Facebook every now and then.

So jokes, like a WWF entrance and the fight was really close and intense (starts at 5.30 but I’d not advise skipping).

(Dean) #2

it’s just so Tom. hahaha

(Webb) #3

such a hard bastard haha, I remember him telling me stories how he was told to lighten up on sam eggington sparring like a year ago haha, i’ll post some of mine up if people are interested.

(Randal Octagonapus) #4

Do you have WWF entrances and spinning ballerina jump celebrations too?

(Webb) #5

no :frowning: just arctic monkeys

(Adam) #6

The celebration’s the best bit.

(Randal Octagonapus) #7

It reminded me of like the typical fighter game celebrations after you win a round haha

(Lethal) #8

What a beast specially with his 1 hit KO.

(Sam) #9

that fucking twirl lmao.

(Sanchez ) #10

Think i only met him once , that KO was immense

(Dean) #11

I love how his intro was longer than the fight.

(Ryan Roberts) #12

This man literally has no talent - he’s been swinging at any guys for the best part of five years banging on about making it professionally then got knocked about the legend that is #Moonan

(Webb) #13

*Sted poonan

(THEPete) #14

Didn’t he make a rap about Moonan? lol

(Webb) #15

haha yeah, that’s exactly what I quoted it from

(SKitzQ) #16

MAdness lol thanks for sharing Steinzy was in front of the bord for my pro licence but have to do an fitness assessment for my licence but as i been fighting my last few fights with tears in my rotated cuff have a few things to sort out before i can have my first professional bout :frowning: hoping november this yeaR hope you enjoy anyways <3