Raiding in Legion

(Dean) #162

Normal mode drops 850 gear, the majority of people are at that level or higher. Another clear and some Mythics in between and we will be ready to go.

(Xenoscythe) #163

Okay I’ve got us a new Ursoc strat…makes it a billion times easier. Will explain ingame :stuck_out_tongue:

(DayC) #164

Is it to align the bear?

(Xenoscythe) #165

We most certainly will be aligning the bear. But with a lot less running and pain.

(DayC) #166

Anyone want to run a mythic or two tonight?

(Sam Hather) #167

Is it by any chance having him against the wall?

(Dean) #168

Smashed it tonight. Full clear in one run and had to explain the tactics to a few new people. Thursday will be a two hour complete clear I reckon. I’ll be on for a bit tomorrow night to run a few Mythics with the newer players to get them geared up.

Damage is starting to roll in now from us all as well, Eye went so smooth we had 10 seconds of uptime between each wave of tentacles.

(DayC) #169

Just posting this here for later.

(DayC) #170

Looking at the logs I have to conclude that i’m doing something drastically wrong in my rotation. Every fight i’m sitting in the bottom 25% ish rankings of mages for damage done in comparable fights and ilvls. I’m going to take a look at what i’m doing wrong before thursday and see what key points i’m missing out.

(Xenoscythe) #171

I still have your analysis to post, will get that posted when I’m home from work mate!

Nice job on the 7/7 in one night guys, looking at the logs there’s been some big improvements to the DPS.
Also Snakeys healing was ridiculously good to say he is 811 ilvl lol.

(DayC) #172

Any alignment help would be most appreciated mate :slight_smile:


It’s the bear mate, you haven’t aligned it.

(Dean) #174

Righto, so Thursday we start at bang on 7:30. Be outside the door ready to go. We can clear this in an hour and a half if we just focus. We all know the tactics now so can melt stuff.

(DayC) #175

Totally agree, I think it’ll be closer to 2 hours myself but if we start on 7:30 with food, pots and flasks in bags outside the door it’ll certainly feel a lot faster and get done earlier.

@Xenoscythe FYI here’s my current opening rotation for you to look at, at least this is what I try not to fuck up :wink:

  1. Icy Floes and charge fireball whilst i’m moving into position.
  2. Fireball until first heating up proc.
  3. Phoenix Flames
  4. Drop trink > drop rune > Combustion at the end of rune cast
  5. Pyroblast
  6. Fireblast
  7. Pyroblast
  8. Fireblast
  9. Pyroblast
  10. Flame On
  11. Fireblast
  12. Pyroblast
  13. Fireblast
  14. Pyroblast

And if I have time continue on with another Phoenix Flames into Pyroblast.

After this I usually drop a second rune and continue with the standard fireball to heat up proc, fireblast and then charge up fireball to throw out that and instant pyro at the same time to hit another heat up.

Also here’s my armory page, my braces havn’t updated yet though:

(Xenoscythe) #176

Although I have a full explanation when i post later, what you posted is a great rotation when used with time warp straight away, however it’ll end-up dropping a small amount of dps on just a standard single target fight especially as your crit is quite low compared to similar ilevel characters. If possible you’ll want to shift your crit above 40%.
A big factor in crit loss on your char is your lack of gem sockets, aim to get pieces with crit AND gem sockets as a priority, they make a HUGE difference and are worth approx 10-25 ilvls in stats alone with epic gems.

@DayC @Noodle can you send me a picture of your artifact paths too please.

(DayC) #177


Here’s mine:

Actually got 3 points in Great Balls of Fire, third point only got put in after raid though. I know I messed up on this a little bit and should have gone for phoenix reborn first but i’m getting there.

EDIT: I actually have an 850 relic in my last relic slot too not the 810.

(Xenoscythe) #178

Yep few mistakes there going over phoenix reborn, its a pretty major damage boost along with ever-burning consumption. Though I think you’d still be a point off. 12% ignite damage is HUGE though.

Also, slap satyr on your new neck! (& Grats!)


What’s happening with raids then atm? Thursday normal clear with Sunday as HC? Are we sticking to 2 days as well?

(Xenoscythe) #180

I do believe that’s the plan yep (could’ve changed, @Noodle / @smather can clarify), people were burning out with 3 raids, normal should be clear-able in 1h 30m soon which would mean we could have a 15 minute break after OR leave it there and just do heroic on a different day.

Weds : 19.30 - 21:00 | Clear Normal
Weds : 21:00 - 21:15 | 15 min break, then make sure ready to start Nythendra by
Weds : 21:30 - 22.00 | Kill Herioc Nythendra + Ursoc (Going by last raid we now have the dps to do this, though will need higher healing for any further tho)

Sunday : 19:00 - Dragons + Eye attempts, 1 shot Cenarius + Xavius
Sunday : 21:00 - Start Mythic, clear 7/7, get awarded early 7.1 access for being the best.

(Sam Hather) #181

Yeah I think 2 is best. Keep doing normal clears until everyone is ilevel 850? Do as quick as we can, then can start heroic if people can stick around.

We did everything pretty smooth this time round, considering how much we were pissing around. Dean and Snaked spent atleast 25 minutes fighting the things that spawn from the gas after we’d already cleared trash hahaha