Raiding in Legion

(Xenoscythe) #142

Great job today lads, if anyone had their combatlog running please upload it or send it me/noodle.

(Sam Hather) #143

I’ve downloaded it now but didn’t have it for raid

(DayC) #144

Change me to tentative for tonight, will prob be on but might be late.

(Dean) #145

Logs from tonights raid. We were fine at running the tactics, we just lack damage. We need to get people through Mythics / Mythic+ to get the damage now. Everyone needs to be at least 200k minimum to take her down.

Highlight over active to see your DPS while you were alive.

(Sam Hather) #146

I probably wont be raiding again this week, can’t really be arsed cos i’m ill and I am wasting my entire life away on this game.

Maybe will early next week etc. :slight_smile:

edit @DayC seen a lot of people calling this really useful - may be worth a look :slight_smile:

(DayC) #147

@smather been studying that for weeks haha :smiley: Preach is a tit but he has a good guide here.

Last night I hit the same ilvl as his video (847) before the raid and on a couple of wipes I fucked up my rot but for the most part I was fine.

If you compare my combust rot or the “splurge” as Preach calls it to that at the start in my final fight i’m STILL 100k dps lower than him at my peak. He sits at about 400k ish and I sit at about 300k. Now he does have well fed and I didn’t as I ran out in the last one but I did have flask so that will offset it a little bit. He also has his stacking trink which I don’t have not to mention i’m only on about 16 points on my weapon where he is probably at the standard 22.

Take fight 15 as an example of my damage during well fed bonus and I peak at 450k on engage rot and 470k during time warp. My problem is really clear here though, I have these huge dips where i’m moving too much to be able to do as much damage so I need to learn to use flows and scorch more as Matt pointed out last night and as I mentioned the other day to the raid after we cleared.

My rotation that Preach teaches is absolutely fine for the most part in my opinion. The biggest part i’m missing is movement DPS which from what i’ve researched only comes with practice and can’t really be done properly on a dummy as there’s nothing to dodge and no pressure. This is why my DPS ends up at about the 155k mark at the end of a fight, I can hit silly numbers when it suits me but keeping that up during movement is just something i’m struggling with atm.

I have improved a huge amount since we started though and essentially forced larger dps numbers through ilvl. Now I need to keep working on my movement DPS and putting more points into my artifact, if I nail that and I should be competing with Matt.

On the flip side of things I seem to be taking a low amount of damage but i’m unsure how to interpret the DTPS stat. Mine is at roughly 80% wereas @Noodle, @Xenoscythe and Boon are sitting in the 30 - 40% range. Can someone explain this to me and where I might be going wrong please?

(Sam Hather) #148

Xeno and Hyams got hit by literally everything. Also you’re ranged so the bugs don’t fuck you as hard. I imagine that’s the only difference?

Keep up the good work mate! :slight_smile:

(DayC) #149

I thought their 40% being lower than my 80% was a good thing for them but the way you’re saying that it makes it sounds as if the % should be higher not lower, is that correct? Like I said i’m not sure I understand the DTPS stat fully.

Thanks mate, I love analysing these stats too to try and get better. Unsure i’m comfortable with 3 raids a week, much prefer the thurs / sun combo to give time to improve in between.

Please don’t leave us either mate, you have way more of a life than most and we all really enjoy having you in the raids!

I have a different strat for this boss too courtesy of my colleague who is currently 4/7 on heroic. The way we’re doing it provides too much downtime for dps.

Icy veins displays it like this. Use 2 side quarters of the room for rot, entrance quarter for volatile then during sleep use rear quarter to stand in. This spreads the rot more but means only half of the raid is moving during the breath mechanic allowing the half to keep pumping out dps. It also gives more room to spread out in, we’re far too close for stacking debuffs to tick.

He does say it is a decent HPS check too as heal circles won’t hit the entire raid so we have to organise the groups efficiently.

If we use the above tactic we can focus on taking less damage and doing more over a consistent period of time rather than trying to force the situation.

(Sam Hather) #150

No you’re right mate, I just made an assumption without actually looking at the logs. Lmao.

It means you took more damage over time, which is why i’m right at the top. The reason you took more damage though is probably due to dying less than them because they got hit by fucking everything haha :slight_smile:

edit - also, that strat looks decent. We were quite close on dps anyway, if people didn’t die we’d have probably got it done! But that does look much better.

(Xenoscythe) #151

@smather Now then, don’t lump me with Hyams! I only died to the bugs TWICE.

My breath deaths were unfortunate, but each time i died to those (4 times total) it was either cast on me mid charge right after rot faded or while I was surrounded by green shit, i remedy that i’ll start saving herioc leap for an escape next-time rather than using it to get to the edge.

Infact we actually need to clear quite a bit up from last night, on discord i heard a lot of blame the DPS and “DPS keep dying” which, while that may be correct in the bug phase as that is thoroughly avoidable, a great many deaths were purely from Infested, rot and volatile rot, which is the HEALERS job to deal with. PLUS, the tanks took more bug hits than everyone except noodle, who is clearly a shitter.

Here is the burst of corruption (bugs) charts for the night

(Sam Hather) #152

Yeah not gonna lie I used active mitigation for the majority of bugs haahah

Edit - also hyams would be higher but he died to the first 2 bugs to hit him every time hahaha

(Xenoscythe) #153

Things we need to do for next herioc:

  • Teach Hyams what a bug looks like. 9 Deaths to bug explosions, rip.
  • Get everyone’s DPS upto or over 180k. We’re not far off. I can help here, talents, gear stats, rotation, hit me up.
  • Improve healer positioning OR add another healer. Actual healing is great, but we need people standing in the right places, this can be helped by having ranged stand within 30yds instead of 50.
  • Spread out a lot better on Nythendra Stacks were high because of the rot AoE which in turn was causing deaths

(Dean) #154

What we need to do here is have all healers display their raid frames with groups and split the raid into groups. That way you are responsible for the people in your group, and have the groups stand together. We have people running around trying to heal everyone and when you have ranged stood far away it causes shit to go wrong.

If each healers has their own priority it will go a lot smoother.

(Xenoscythe) #155

I like this tactic @DayC, helps mitigate the infested loads more, makes healing easier when split into groups (definitely the way to do it) and also means we should have more time to dps on the boss instead of trying to find a clean space on the floor to explode in.

Example groups,

Ruwina, Smather, SamHiggy. - Front of Boss, Higgy standing right side of head

Xeno, Faulghar, Ostoura, Dayc, Tutoeth - Left Side

Pandi, Hyams, Bagel, Kuntius - Right Side

(DayC) #156

Some breaths are quite difficult, it’ll throw out breath, rot and vot rot all at the same time making the whole situation a bit chaotic and if you find yourself without a blink etc it’s very tough. Dean pointed out to me I had Ice Block which I never use so i’ll be making more use of that.

In the grand scheme of things the above situation barely ever happens though, 99% of the time we should all be following mechnics smoothly.

I’m assuming this is just as avoidable for anyone melee during the nap phase as much as it is for ranged. I’d fully expect ranged like myself and @Bagelzend to be in single figures and taking the least as we can just DPS and look at the floor. Healers and Tanks should probably have a tad more leeway as they’re looking at the raid health / very close to box (might be hidden bugs) but anything above 20 is probably a fair cut off to say they’re taking too many hits.

Occasionally bugs will spawn in m multiples very near you which will smash a ranged dps down to 0 instantly, I died twice to these. The first was 3 in a triangle in front of me and the second was 2, 1 either side which means 5 of my 8 hits where very tough to get away from, if I can avoid these entirely next run i’ll be down there with Bagel.

Yes and my tactic above will hopefully help with this, each healer has their own group to heal and the only time healing will go down is when healers gain rot. This is when absorbs / dmg mit should go up and pots if you’re really low.

Thanks I like it too, those groups look good so we should discuss with the raid group on Thursday when we’re back in.

One of our big problem last night was that I called out the stacking debuff mech and there was confusion as to whether or not we’d seen it before. We still went in without considering our range too much however and all stacked by the tail which just doesn’t work. Easier for healers to target but harder to healer because everyone is spreading stacks.

I’m doing research on these fights and what they entail too so lets make tactics and not just immediately dismiss something because the dungeon guide tells us it’s in normal too. If Icy Veins, Fatboss etc are telling us one thing and the guide tells us another and we go with one but the other was right then we need to assess the situation with a strat after the first wipe not try and force the initial strat.

I’m not trying to say “i’m right your wrong” or shit like that it just needs to be tackled differently.

tl;dr more alignments and kebabs less standing in bugs.

(DayC) #157

Quick update, made an improvement to my keybind setup last night and realised I wasn’t making use of the keys close to WASD. Q now on Ice Barrier so it’s easy to pop my shield more frequently, E is now scorch and R is Ice Floes, practiced a bit last night including a mythic and it’s starting to feel very comfortable. Hopefully the gaps in DPS should start to fill out a bit now.

(DayC) #158

Have we got a mid week raid @noodle / @smather? Couldn’t see anything in the cal before sunday or are we giving time to prepare?

(Sam Hather) #159

Neither Dean nor I can make a mid-week raid. If you guys wanna do one feel free though! :slight_smile: Should be able to create a guild event yourselves. I’d recommend just running mythics really though !

(Dean) #160

Yeah I’m sadly on the late shifts this week. We will consider Monday or Tuesday next week for it, but I’m happy to do 2 raids a week as has been requested by other. I’d like to do another clear of normal then dedicate our time to clearing heroic.

Clearing normal each week is a lot of time when most of us won’t see major upgrades on gear now. We can handle heroic modes.


Unsure how one more clearing of normal would mean we’re ready to focus on Heroic? We literally only just cleared Xavious with our last attempt of the night. We’re not all mythic’d up and we certainly don’t have the DPS for Heroic clear yet.