Raiding in Legion

(Dean) #122

Any updates from other guilds? Clearing Mythic in a dayeans it either is too easy, or these guys did something dodgy.

(DayC) #123

Too easy by the sounds of it. All anyone keeps mentioning is the severely under tuned Xavius fight.

Method announced it and i’m sure other guilds would have spoken out by now if they suspected anything strange.

How did the gearing of @SamHiggy go @Noodle and @smather? Is he going to join us tonight or not ready yet?

(Dean) #124

815 ilvl and we will be crafting him more pieces. He is fine to heal tonight. Probably be around 825 after the crafted gear is done.

(DayC) #125

Sweet 815 is higher than what I started at last week so he’s in a good position!

(Sam Hather) #126

@SamHiggy you’re the only person at your ilevel in your class that has killed the eye lmao

Edit - Also don’t know if I can raid on Sunday anymore as neither Dean 'nor Smidsy believe in the moon landing.

(Sam Hather) #127

Balance change stats out

@Smidsy you sure you don’t wanna switch spec yet? lmao

Nah not that bad tbf… seems to be normalising a lot.

(DayC) #128

Anybody up for mythics tonight or tomorrow? My dps getting much higher than before but still got a bit to do in terms of gear.

Any advice on the best way to make cash at the moment as well that doesn’t conflict with the major players in the guild?

(DayC) #129

Nevermind decided i’m going to go Herbalism with my Alchemy, just watched a few vids on gold making and looks like starlight rose is necessary for pots and will sell for a fair bit on most AHs, not checked ours yet but that seems to be the way to go and even if they don’t sell I can make pots for raids.

(Gavin Rainey) #130

summoning @The_Dice_man please fix this kid

(Sam Hather) #131

Yeah herbs will sell for a boat load until 7.1 then a blood of sarg trader comes out and the economy collapses.

I wont be on much today as i’m going to skank to some grime tonight for olis bday, probs on most of saturday as usual though.

(Xenoscythe) #132

Everyone should bare in mind this is skewed by nearly all the good players still playing their top specs Fire Mage/Unholy DK/Arms Warrior etc, there really aren’t a huge number of parses by good players leaving all the shitters like Smidsy who play the specs to drag it to the bottom of the boards. :wink:

Can really see where the Arms nerfs hit, it has lost a good 10-20% damage and fallen way down the standings. And theres more nerfs planned ;_; stupid patchwerk sims are breaking everyone’s vision of classes as no boss is just stand and punch it.

Frost definitely still needs buffs though, heres a buddy who is pretty much maxing out frost damage and still doing less than Faulghar!

(Sam Hather) #133

Nythendra is if you don’t die to bugs…

(Xenoscythe) #134

(Dean) #135

Faulghar is a straight up G though. That attempt on eye when he doubled me made me @Lethal level triggered.

Looking at the charts on warcraft logs though, the specs are all within 15% of each other which is pretty damn balanced. Except frost mages, they are broken.

(Sam Hignett) #136

I guess I’m just that good eh? :wink: where did you see that anyway?
I’ll be up for some cheeky mythics @DayC

(DayC) #137

(Xenoscythe) #138

Latest logs from our raids, use them, improve! :smiley:

(Dean) #139

@jelly are you still interested in raiding? We are looking for an enhancement Shammy.

(Sam Hather) #140

Fucking smashed it boys. Let’s get on with heroics tomorrow. @Noodle you actually coming tomorrow?

(DayC) #141

Alignments were spot on tonight boys good job all!