Raiding in Legion

(DayC) #102

Thanks dude, all with help from the guild. My biggest weakness is moving and keeping dps up. I fell back to 65k from like 120+ when we faced the eye. That’s where i’ll be focusing my efforts tonight and probably readjusting my hotkeys. This along with the interface trouble i’m having needs to be sorted, only when I face a dungeon / raid boss does a big stack of health bars hit the middle of my screen and I can’t seem to get rid, going to jump into a really low level dungeon tonight before we go in to try and sort it.

@3DCM (Faulghar) is a monster though, each week he’s pumped out huge levels of DPS and is standing out at the top of the table from the rest of the group. Not only that but he’s also suggested the kiting blobs tactic I believe which worked and the upcoming time warp phase 2 tac which we’ll see how that performs tonight. Very important part of our group’s success so far and i’d just like to say thanks to the community for including him and making him feel welcome.

@smather your stream highlights just shows a frozen screen from last night, do you know what happened to it?

Also for anyone who hasn’t seen it, bitesize fatboss guide for eye

(Sam Hather) #103

It just kept freezing unfortunately mate. Not entirely sure why. I’ve got it recorded though and can post it here in a bit :slight_smile:

(Xenoscythe) #104

Faulghars dps is outstanding, well into the higher percentile of his class and spec!

@DayC In your class order hall or in orgrimmar there are raid dummies that should help with setting up your bars! If you need a hand just send me a list of your addons & a picture of the bars on the screen and i’ll point you in the right direction.

Analyzing these stats has given me loads of info where we can individually improve. Once I’m home i’ll do a bit of a writeup but bit here’s a quick rundown of a couple raid problems.

I said it quite a bit in the raids jokingly but we need to step up on interrupts, we’re taking an awful lot of damage from interruptable spells which is putting real pressure on the healers.

Standing in AoE without an absorb or shield of sorts also applys here for healer pressure, @Noodle and @DayC i recommend you download the addon as together you took almost as much damage from spew corruption as everyone else combined, most likely due to the nature of the classes you both play which involve standing still a lot. The addon should improve things a bit!

Raid dispelling needs to improve slightly, both tanks we were dispelled almost immediately by all 3 of you but everyone else including yourselves seem to not receive the same treatment haha.

Several people have AoE based talents for single target bosses, massively impacting your dps potential, @Smather we need to get into a habit of putting a book down before and after bosses to adjust talents as necessary.

(Sam Hather) #105

I dropped inscription last night and took enchanting because Inscription is actually just a bag of wank atm.

I’ve still got some books left though and will buy some on the AH for future.

(DayC) #106

@Xenoscythe At a brief glance it looks like I had the most damage taken from that spell and I think it’s me more than @Noodle tbh that is causing the issue. Every time I was spewed he’d be there to bail me out, although tbh I thought I was moving enough to stay away from my trail.

Does this stat take into account the dmg tick you get when it’s on you?

(Dean) #107

Let’s see what we can do tonight, even if we have to pug some people just to try and get us to 7/7. That will make finding new members much easier than it is right now.

I’ve also opened a chat on Discord for the raiders which I recommend people use. I’ve spoke to quite a few different people about different ideas and such, and it’s so much easier if we have it all in one place. We can use it for literally anything guild related, and will be doing a breakdown of logs after future raids to work out what went wrong and how we can work on it.

As for the dispelling Xeno, dispell is on an 8 second cool down now and the boss seemed to apply it at a similar rate to what we could remove it. I have a cool down I used when I could which dispells the entire raid and heals them, but it has a 3 minute cool down.

(Dean) #108

Got to 6/7 tonight, last boss was more just a smash and see what happens. Will be researching it for Thursday as I think we can do a full clear. Tomorrow and Wednesday will be a case of getting everyone as geared as we can. Looking to get everyone sitting around 200k DPS so we have the DPS for it.

Latest raid log is at - - Take a look at your own DPS and try and work out where you dropped off and why that could have been. Take a look at the top logs for your spec to see how others have managed it.

Can everyone who raids please vote here, trying to see what day people would like for a third raid day as it seems popular right now -

(Sam Hather) #109

I am 100% confident we can do Xavius next try. Having looked it up we had quite a lot of crucial tactics wrong and most of that can be put on my head.

We want to bloodlust when the first corruption horror is around. So that we nuke all the way into phase 2, meaning no more corruption horrors spawn. I think we killed 3 when we got to phase 2… It should be 1. For this I reckon it’s best when corruption horror is low HP. So best way to deal with this is with what @Xenoscythe said. A tank just taunts it into the boss, then everyone attacks it but makes sure to cleave etc. So they’re hitting the boss too.

DPS need to be making sure that if they’re in dream state that they are making the most of it and hitting 100 corruption, if they do this, then they will get a HUGE dps increase, allowing us to nuke the boss and adds further.

As soon as phase 2 hits I need to pull Xavius into the middle, as those cunty inconceivable horrors only do aoe when they reach the boss. I initially thought this happened because it reached me, but that’s not the case. It’s when it’s near the boss. So i’ll be tanking in the middle and the DPS will nuke all the horrors which come from the sides, not ever allowing them to get the aoe bullshit off. DPS in the dreamstate at this point need to make sure that when the horrors die that they stand on the pools that form on their corpses, if nobody absorbs the corruption then after 15 seconds it will re-spawn.

The pools will cause a tiny bit of damage, and they will give corruption. But remember, once you hit 100 corruption in dreamstate you will get a super duper buff :slight_smile:

Important to note: Horrors are CC’able. Stuns, Slows. All of them work.

Corruption Meteor: IF YOU GET THIS ON YOU FUCKING SCREAM. Then we all butt fuck you and voila, we all share the dmg and easy peasy.

Phase 3 he basically spawns a load of tentacles that target random players and hit them / add corruption. This is a dps check basically. Kill the fucker before everyone is mind controlled.

Seems quite simple to me, the tanks and healers will struggle in the final stage but it should be good.

I’m more than happy to explain this over disc on Thursday as well - I can safely say I actually know what i’m doing with this one now.


(Sam Hather) #110

SRY FOR DOUBLE POST BUT HERE’S A VID - This is from when we took out Spider/Bird cunt thingy, the big wolf (bear) and the dragon things.

I’ve got a POV uploading from tonight too. Which will include mine and Smidsy’s adventures from tonight…

@DayC the moment I kindly gave you my 10 ilevel upgrade :wink:

Kill times: BIRD BITCH 35:50
DRAGONS: 52:30
Actual Kill of wolf bear thing: 1:40:15

(DayC) #111

I sat 158k during that last fight with no dreamstate corruption just frequent as fuck combustions. Combustion is reduced by 1 sec per crit from fireball, pyro and fireblast. Normally immediately post combust i’ll have no blast left which leaves me with fireball and pyro to build up crits. Every time I drop rune and combust my DPS accelerates hugely so my absolute objective is to just stack as much crit as possible before thursday, that should not only lead to more damage in crits but more frequent combustions and will hopefully start pushing me towards to the top of the chart.

My mechanics feel like they’re improving quite rapidly, have rearranged my hotkeys, action bars, ditched that problematic UI issue I had and actually felt like I was doing something towards the end of last night.

You are a star lad, it was the relic wasn’t it? Think my item in its place was ilvl 739 at the time and now after last night they’re both 850 and 855.

Still havn’t got my third relic slot yet…

(Dean) #112

Take a look at the UI I posted up. I have a bar under my character with big cool down numbers on it for my priority list. It’s upped my dps by 30k alone. So priority goes left to right, and I just use what isn’t on cool down. Obviously things like your pyro procs will take priority but I’m sure you’ll get a hang of it.

Hopefully we can get Shiggy to a decent gear level for Thursday, I’d like to get at least 5 down if we can. Thanks to everyone for staying a bit longer last night, usual raid times are 7:30-10:30 but was good to get a few more pulls.

Don’t forget to vote on the poll I linked as well people!

(DayC) #113

Yeah I used to have this actually but didn’t think i’d need it before we started raiding, SUF might let me set up something similar actually so I might do that or i’ll get that add on back.

5 should be fine only the eye will cause us problems I suspect, especially with a brand new healer but if we do the others quick we should be fine.

(DayC) #114

@smather or @Noodle can either of you craft me a neck item at all? Sitting at 805 atm as my lowest piece not sure what crafting allows you to do though.

(Dean) #115

Would need a jewelcrafter for it. You can buy them and obliterum it, would cost about 50k to get to 850.

(Xenoscythe) #116

Keep doing the world quest for armor pieces, they can randomly titan/warforge upto 895 i think it is.

(Sam Hather) #117

Yeah @DayC Xeno’s advice is probably better on this one - just keep checking your world quests to make sure you’re doing any of them that are gear pieces as they can be upgraded to ridiculous levels now :slight_smile:

(Sam Hather) #118

8 hour super fun video up

Kill timers:

SMIDSY AND I KILLING THE RP SCENE: 04:35:35 10/10 viewing I promise. Timestamped Below.

(Sam Hather) #119

So the first Mythic 7/7 has been done by some crazy Russian Bastards. They’re complaining that Xavius is too easy. They spent 12 hours on cenarius and did the rest in 6 hours lmao.

(DayC) #120

Heard a lot that Cenarius is much harder at that level, those crazy russian bastards make a raid add on don’t they I think? Can’t remember which one but they’re an extremely high end guild.

Looking forward to our run tonight :slight_smile:

(Sam Hather) #121

Yeah they make Exorsus!

And yeah apparently Cenarius is aids as fuck in Mythic, we’ll get there one day!

Tonight should be good, hope we can get the full clear.