Raiding in Legion

(Sam Hather) #82

Mythic keystones are fucking easy boys. 2 in a row!

(DayC) #83

@SamHiggy interested? or you not hit 110 yet?

(Sam Hignett) #84

I’m only 106 at the moment but I’ll be smashing it as much as I can this weekend. Do you guys need tank healers or raid healers? Because I’m leveling a Resto shammy at the moment.

(Dean) #85

Resto Sammy cam do both. I can help you level this weekend if you need.

(Sam Hignett) #86

I thought resto was shite at tank healing? Thanks for the offer, just about to finish Highmountain quest line so I might hit you up on that offer :—)

(Dean) #87

Ignore what anyone says about how good certain tanks or healers are at certain roles. Top guilds may not use Resto for tank healing when pushing Mythics in the first week or two, but for anyone else they are perfectly fine. We can always switch around who plays where though.

I’m going to end up working evenings for some time from November onwards, so starting to gear for Mistweaver so we can have another tank take my place. I will still be tanking Mythics and such, and will happily tank raids just don’t want people to be fucked because I can’t make a raid.

(Sam Hather) #88

I think we only need one tank with me on Vengeance?

(Dean) #89

One other tank yeah, we still need 2 in the guild you mong

(Sam Hather) #90

I meant we only need me. Demon Spikes op. I’ll just grind out for legendary ring.

(Dean) #91

We have put the raids up on the calendar in game. If you click the date in the top right of the mini-map you will be able to see them. Can people please sign-up to them, even if it’s to say you can’t make it, just so we have a better idea of who is or isn’t attending.

(Paul Corkin) #92

I am enhancement Shaman.

(Dean) #93

That’s all good, we have a couple of healers rolling now. You still thinking of joining us?

(Sam Hather) #94

Right, who’s actually coming tonight? Dean and I have no idea as you’re still not using the bloody calendar!

Please can everyone do it, even if you’re not raiding? (Obviously people that have, Bagel, Xeno, Smids etc. TY)

(DayC) #95

Calm down dad

(Sam Hather) #96

It’s triggering Dean and he’s shaking in a corner in a puddle of his own piss. Just doing this for a m8

(DayC) #97

Fucks sake @Noodle clean yourself up.

I wasn’t even aware the functionality existed btw never done much raiding, have signed up now.


I’m coming, i’ll be on from about 6’ish.

(Sam Hather) #99

4/7. We will do this boys!

edit- also, for after reset I can make Vantus runes for each of the bosses that we complete. So it’d be really good if we could clear the whole raid so that I can craft them for anyone!

(Dean) #100

Warcraft Logs:

Few useful links for people. Added to the first post so you can always find them.

The last raid is down as the 24th as I didn’t reset the combat log. It’s the last 4 bosses.

(Xenoscythe) #101

From what i can see there we’re still lacking on dps for illgynoth but our tactics have been spot on. Hopefully people sitll gearing and getting their rotations down we’ll get him soon!

Shoutout to Faulghar and @DayC for massively upping their dps this week!

Smidsy, be glad frost is getting buffs this maintenance :joy: