Raiding in Legion

(Paul Corkin) #62

That mean i can’t transfer to high pop?

Nah i have the money, was just waiting on free migration to come back up, said they’re working on it but didn’t even think of the population at all.

(Dean) #63

Yeah you won’t get free migration to a high pop realm. Never have queues though so it’s a decent size but not full.

(Paul Corkin) #64

That sucks, if i have to pay i might, I’ll gear up first then decide on what to do.

Also link the stream smather when its live!"

(Sam Hather) #65

shall do mate :slight_smile:

(Paul Corkin) #66

I die a little inside trying to arena with my shammy :frowning:

(Sam Hather) #67


(Sam Hather) #68

Well that was retardedly difficult. Need more dps!

We should be good though, hopefully can recruit another dps so we can run 2-3-6. and @DayC will get his gear up running don jons etc. With me so hopefully ready for Sunday.

Tactics spot on - just not enough dmg to nuke down tentacles etc.


Thanks @Rosa_Kaninchen for hosting the stream also <3

(DayC) #69

Cheers for the raid guys, will make sure I get farming gear from tomorrow night. One night, one boss down hopefully a few more on Sunday :slight_smile:


Unlucky guys, I’ll have a watch of the VoD later so I can catch up for Sunday. Speaking of which it looks like Han will be out so i’ll be popping Tobs to bed at 7ish so I’ll be available shortly after that time if that’s still viable @Noodle. He normally takes like 5/10min to get to sleep now so shouldn’t be long after that at all.

(Paul Corkin) #71

Went from 801 to 816 tonight. Getting there.

(Sam Hather) #72

10/10 LMAO

(DayC) #73

Fatboss suggest the same tactic as somebody in the raid yesterday of collect all the blobs and nuke them down so we’re well on the right line, just need more DPS from myself.

Rest of bosses in here:

Best way to deal with the boss seems to be to hug the middle, space yourselves out and then all move all the way out until Cursed Blood explodes.

(Sam Hather) #74

Day 3 dps stats for EN


i839 atm in MM, glad I started off as MM as it hasn’t taken much to sort. Though, I’m confused - nearly 80% mastery in BM, switch to MM and I’m at 22% - will need to look into that later.

(Xenoscythe) #76

I’m surprised you switched, bm isn’t bad at our level and i thought you liked pets :open_mouth:


I do, to be fair though I’m i840 in BM but both Nood and Smath pm’d me last night asking me to switch haha.

(Paul Corkin) #78

DH need nerfed.

(Dean) #79

Mastery is different per spec. It all depends on what it does, you will never see the same percentage between two specs as its effects are unique to every spec. I’ll be spreadsheeting this weekend most likely, to get the best we can from people.

Also we did ask Bagel never forced, we questioned Hyams as well and he said no so we didn’t push it. We will always look to get the best we can, but if you don’t enjoy the spec you won’t play it to its potential so its a waste of time swapping. You just start to hate the game.

But fucking hell what have they done to warlocks.


I’ve never minded changing tbh so that’s fine by me. Though I’d probably not switch to SV unless it was literally top by a mile away as I just feel if I wanted to play a melee class I’d just play a ‘classic’ melee class. though that’s all personal pref ofc.

But yea Warlocks… I’m rather surprised by those numbers tbh.

(Dean) #81

Are you a healer by any chance @JellY? If so we will boost you in any instance you need and get you 840 ilvl this weekend. We really need healers right now.