Raiding in Legion

(Sam Hignett) #262

They call me Big Poppa round these parts Gav.

(Sam Hather) #263

So many high numbers from people this time, everyone is getting much better!

I feel like you… Apart from my spec is popular

(Sam Hather) #264

@SamHiggy -EPGP xxxxxxx

(Dean) #265

I’m having to heal. Tuto and Oli will be needing back surgery.

(Sam Hather) #266

so Guarm was a decent fight for me…

(DayC) #267

I feel a little bit sick that i’ve broken well over a million DPS on the opener for Guarm and the rest of that fight for me just looks pathetic.

(Sam Hignett) #268

I would like to make an official apology to the lads and ladies I should have raided with on Sunday. I will make no excuses, I was (and am) a lazy shit who wanted to watch The Grand Tour in bed and totally forgot about the raid and I might have had a cheeky nap. I humbly request for your forgiveness and accept whatever punishment lay before me…Just don’t fuck with my EPGPOMGBBQ you bastards.

(DayC) #269

@SamHiggy we missed you mate, we had to endure a Tuto / Noodle healing combo. There was memes.

(Dean) #270

But no dreams.

I don’t think your EPGP matters mate, you’ve got every mail item in EN 4 times now anyway.

(Sam Hignett) #271

I only got 4 items last raid, don’t know why I even show up.

(Sam Hather) #272

You don’t? :harrygasm:

(Sam Hather) #273

Found our spider bitch tactic. Everyone roll a blood DK

(Sam Hather) #274

Well done for clearing ToV all.

I now have aids

(DayC) #275


(Sam Hather) #276

I’m a peasant and can’t afford my sub atm so wont be raiding tomorrow. Sorry boysssssss

(Sam Hather) #277

Scratch that, DaveyC is an absolute legend. Our community is gr8.

(DayC) #278

I aint going a whole month a tank down we’re short enough as it is :stuck_out_tongue:


Also, on that note - are there raids this week? No raids in calendar at the moment.

(Sam Hather) #280

This has now been fixed - raid in calendar for Sunday.

(Sam Hather) #281

Dean is currently asking Oli to fist him good night. S.O.S.