Raiding in Legion

(Fatmanp) #242


Also what do most here play Horde or Alliance?

(Dean) #243

The decent players are on Horde. We have a guild who raid as well on Argent Dawn Horde side. I think we have a couple of Alliance players like @adzi and @Frosty, but not sure how much they play.

(Sam Hather) #244

And nobody likes them anyway. Roll argent dawn horde @PhatMayneP!

(Fatmanp) #245

Joined it.

(Dean) #246

What’s your ingame name, I’ll give you a guild invite

(DayC) #247

Completely smashed it boys 8th September when this post was made and we’ve finished Heroic Xavius on two nights a week. Well done all.

(Fatmanp) #248

Thanks, it’s Notsofatmanp

(Fatmanp) #249

Have been playing the base game and have just hit level 26 Paladin Blood Elf. Every time I play I learn something new and realize just how deep this game is. Thoroughly enjoying it.

(Sam Hather) #250

Glad to hear it!

There’s a lot to learn but it’s a good journey :slight_smile:

(DayC) #251

That new healer trink looks sick

Fire Blast (Fire) now max 1 charge…

If this stays in, Fire Mage is pretty much dead.

(Dean) #252

Every class seems to be saying this. I think they are looking at nerfing damage across the board.

(Xenoscythe) #253

Really strange changes across all classes, i think someone hit the balance team across the head with something heavy

(DayC) #254

I have yet to read the rest but i’ll certainly be keeping an eye on mine as it’s a core mechanic nerf which really hurts the burst damage. Crazy stuff!


Idd, these are some really weird and sweeping changes. I could understand if they wanted to nerf damage if at this stage we’re at a point where they feel damage is overstepping the content. But in this mannar… is a little odd for sure.

(DayC) #256

After reading through the mage notes properly, despite there being gigantic changes to fire it’s not worth getting worked up about until it’s actually released on live if it even gets to that stage.

On a more positive note the new fire bubble that reflects damage during melee hits looks awesome!

(Sam Hather) #257


I get the feeling that talking to those dudes over on discord helped me a bit @Xenoscythe lmao. I’m gonna take Fel Devastation instead of Spirit Bomb next time too as I feel on single target that’ll put me from top 5% into top 2-3%

(DayC) #258

Glad to see you downed Cenarius guys, clearly my last fight doesn’t mean anything compared to Ruwina’s :wink:

I need to look into these logs further to see what I did right during my initial Dragon’s burst as I nearly hit 1mil DPS during the first bloodlust… I’m going to grind more AP this weekend for sunday to make sure i’m getting the most out of my artifact too, i’m currently at 23 points and suspect i’m well behind everyone else.

(Liam Dakin) #259

Not a bad night!

Also massive props to Higgy with a mental Ursoc parse:

(Gavin Rainey) #260

Higgy Higgy Higgy, can’t you see, sometimes you parse just hypnotises me.

It brings a tear to my eye seeing the community thriving lads, a room full of raiders is great and you all seem to be enjoying it!

(Sam Hignett) #261

Thanks for the shoutout! I’ve still got a ton to learn but I’m really enjoying playing with you guys :smiley: