Raiding in Legion

(DayC) #222

Glad to hear it was just a case of mechanical improvement. Gutted I missed it but i’ll be there on Thursday to try and keep up with the rest of you!

I will have a look around and see if I can find more people but I think i’ve drained the Scouse resources of Matt, myself and Higgy. Prio confirmed to me this weekend that as much as he’d love to get involved he gets about 1 spare day a week between uni and his job so he’s out of the question until further notice. I’ll see if any of my old uni gang want to hop servers to join us, that might be a reasonable thing to do.

On Saturday I managed to do a couple of major things. The first was to get enough AP for a re-talent so i’m now sitting in 2 gold abilities with increased ignite damage which means I should probably be looking at adding a tad more mastery to my gear somehow. Secondly I collected the 12,500 order resources necessary to get the ball rolling on my second to last hall advancement which will take about 12 days. Assuming I carry on the final quest as soon as this one is finished I should be looking at wearing both legends in mid november, a nice little gear boost just after Trials of Valor is released but it’ll mean I will be without Satyr enchant until then.

If someone could take over the initial Heroism role in our raids too that’d be great with the new ring I can get another burst of damage just after the first dies down but it has to be someone else’s first.

(Dean) #223

Never call it Heroism again, it’s Bloodlust. But yeah Higgy can pop that for us first so that’s no issue.

Also we can equip you with another Satyr enchant I’m sure, we seem to be sharding quite a few purples these days and I’ll run some Mythics with @Roozle to grab us some more. If you can find anyone it will be great, I’ll reach out some more and see who I can find.

(Sam Hather) #224

I’ll run some normal mythics with you for the shards as well, cos I don’t think any of us will be getting upgrades from normal mythics.

Last night was fucking easy peasy boys. Well done everyone :slight_smile:

(DayC) #225

I have the quests to do in suramar mythics if you wanna run them some time.

(Sam Hather) #226

Sounds good m8! :slight_smile:

(DayC) #227

7.1 patch notes out. Pyroblast damage reduced by 6%… ffs

(Sam Hather) #228

Hahaha oh no… Fire mages might be 2nd dps now!

(Xenoscythe) #229

Frost and arcane simming above fire now.


(Sam Hather) #230

Lmao, those frost buffs are absolutely fucking mental.


Idd, think I may level my mage overy this next week.

(Gavin Rainey) #232


I knew you were a bitch

(DayC) #233

@Noodle got my satyr enchant for current neck and given int flasks to myself, Higgy and guild bank. Looks like the stam and agil flasks getting used the most so i’ll put more of those in tomorrow.

(Dean) #234

Don’t all freak out with the calendar. Raids are still 7:30 / 7pm, but will display as 8pm in game. This is because raids are being put up for server time now, something we never noticed as UK folk. Had a couple of questions from the EU lot about the starting time.

TL:DR - 7pm UK time / 8pm server time tonight lads.

(DayC) #235

Cheers for the raid tonight lads and ladettes, complete garbage from me. Cinderstorm just wasn’t working for me so I switched back to kindling or whatever the alt is. I’m obviously missing something significant from my rotation or the way i’m doing it. My opener is fine, but to be so low in my ilvl bracket after getting that trink today means i’m fucking something up. Going to do some research and see what I should be doing post opener.

(Sam Hather) #236

Across all kills you were in the bottom 25% of your spec. You’ve got to bare in mind that it isn’t too awful considering you haven’t been playing the spec long at all. Just keep doing what you’re doing and learning and you’ll get your way up!

(DayC) #237

I’d like to believe that but i’m watching lexi here doing Ursoc Mythic and his standard rot is near identical to what i’m doing. He throws out a couple of Dragon’s breath towards the end but that’s pretty much it for differences. Even assuming he’s better geared than me I should still be battling Matt for top dps and I can’t figure out why i’m not.

Extremely frustrated with this. I’ll be back on thursday hopefully do a bit better.

(Adam) #238

(DayC) #239

Finally on the last order advancement as of this morning. 2 weeks until the second legend goes back on

(Fatmanp) #240

Just purchased the starter edition and downloading now. Any advice? Go to websites for beginners?

(Xenoscythe) #241

The game will give you a pretty good tutorial as a starter, any external sites will likely just confuse ya!

Once you’re up-to max level (dont rush! its worth enjoying and getting used to the levelling experience) theres a bunch of sites to help you learn the end level strats for your class.

If you feel the neeeeeed to read one now, I’d take a look at the wowhead ones as they include levelling tips.