Raiding in Legion

(Sam Hather) #202

Tips are out for the Trial of Valor.

(Xenoscythe) #203

Dragons looks not much harder except a bit more damage, apparently they were supopsed to make you space out more but they kept it the same for normal and herioc?:
Stand on flowers
Kill all adds
Stay spaced out
Dont stand in AoE circles
Tanks swap dragons on 7 stacks
Tanks point dragons breath away from the raid.
DPS dont get hit by the tail.

(Dean) #204

Raids are up all so please sign up. Let’s please be outside of the raid for half past 7. Same tactics as last week, just get in and pull. No reason we can’t clear in and hour and a half based on how fast we killed stuff. We just had too much standing around.

Also @DayC, we have a new fire mage joining at the end of the month to give you a challenge.

(DayC) #205

:fire::fire::fire: Can’t wait, will be great either way to have another fire mage in there either to learn or teach what i’ve learnt.

I’ll sign up to Thursday tonight, no Sunday for me though will be the first one i’ve missed.

(Xenoscythe) #206

Been going over our Cenarius tactics, we bad boys.

So we need to stop just activating just the tree’s on Cenarius, we’ve been making it really difficult for ourselves.

Basically, we want to stand on the wisps spawn everytime we can.

1st : Cleanse Wisps (NORTH EAST AREA OF THE ROOM?)
2nd : Clease Wisps
3rd : Cleanse Tree
4th : Cleanse Wisps
5 (optional) : Cleanse Tree
6 (optional) : Get more DPS :joy:

Any ENEMYFIED TREE’s that are up all DPS need to stand close to as it does a raid wide damage boom that is lowered by the amount of people in close range.

2nd Phase,
Kill roots on malfurion
@Smather MITIGATE SPEAR OF NIGHTSMARES DAMAGE = this is what makes the goo spread huge if you take a large amount of damage from it. Obviously Tanks need to rotate the damage from this. This should alleviate our 3 inches of ground to stand in problems.

(DayC) #207

Friend of mine at work has interesting way of tanking horror on Heroic eye, makes it easier healers. Tanks can get damage out on blobs and tentacles can spawn underneath it.

He apologises for the lags spikes but you get the idea. Something to think about when we get there. Full run of heroic in this video too.

(Xenoscythe) #208

Though I can see the benefits of tanking it close, looks a bit scary with the corruption so near the eye, with our small raid size the adds die a lot slower so there is more corruption on the floor. Though it shouldn’t be a problem in normal, the damage ramp up in Heroic will be tough for healers, especially since people fade out of view when you’re stood in it.

I’ve got better tactics for Elerethe which we can try thursday*, turns out we were really doing shit without thinking what the mechanics do, we just won’t get near heroic if we don’t get normal smooth.

(Sam Hather) #209

Yeah I learnt all the placements of the trees after the last normal clear I was a part of, makes a lot of sense!

And yeah Ruwina and I were Mitigating the Spear as far as i’m aware. I know I do anyway, One of the main problems was DPS not just standing at his face, meaning that when all the shit drops then a lot of damage is taken on the shit, making it spread.

Should be fun getting the random Malf bit thrown in there lmao

@DayC I refuse to believe that tanking that there will make it easier for us, we’re all moonbeams and will get corruption everywhere lmao

(DayC) #210

All making sense, just thought you guys would like to see how it’s done by a raid that’s been through heroic :slight_smile: interesting to see a perspective around our level.

(Sam Hather) #211

Definitely is a good idea, be better when we’re comfortably able to do Heroic I reckon though!

(Xenoscythe) #212


(DayC) #213

I’ve put some flasks and pots in the guild bank, as much as I can make for now.

(Dean) #214

Only got 4 signed up for Sunday. I won’t be able to raid Monday, but I’d be happy to slide it if that is better for people. Would be better to know by tomorrow so we don’t have to cancel on the day and people can adjust plans.


Logs? :wink:

(Luke) #216

Got some time off mid November, will play Wow and get to spec if it kills me!!!
I wanna join in, miss the abuse.

(Xenoscythe) #217

Herioc Ursoc & Dragons down. Nice job guys!

Key factors: no dks!

(DayC) #218

Looks like you guys did some stonking damage last night, did you change anything? It was much higher than our first Ursoc Heroic attempts from what I could see.

(Sam Hignett) #219

I dunno how damage was so good, especially without Faulghar. Healing seemed a lot better as well, with Tuto and his mighty kebab healing making me look shit :P.

(Xenoscythe) #220

Noodle stopped missing his moves, Ostoura survived the first minute, Bagel remembered he had MoC on his bars, I got to execute phase, HYAMS DIDNT DIE

Oh and we had Snaked’s dps.

(Dean) #221

Good improvements last night all, the bosses went down fairly easily. I won’t be able to raid on a Thursday for the next couple of weeks as I’m doing lates at work. Right now I have it penned down as Heroic for both raids this week, as we can get 7/7 I’m sure.

However, we really need more raiders as we are getting ever closer to Mythics. We need to be doing everything we can to find new raiders, and if we find some before Thursday who aren’t quite 850 ilvl then we can look at running a normal mode to gear them.

We have 2 tanks and 4 healers right now, so it’s really just DPS we need for the minute, but honestly extra dps will make our life so much easier. The raids do get easier with the more DPS that we have.

I am reaching out on the forums, and looking around discord and Reddit to push them name. Please if you see people unguilded who are 840+ have a chat and get them in the Guild. I stand by kebabs for decent raiders. We have a new guy joining this week, who will be 99% most likely to be a fire mage and @nyu is actually near 110. We aren’t many people off but we do need to make a guild wide effort to find them.