Raiding in Legion

(Dean) #182

We should put up a vote for this. I’d rather do one more then drop normal mode. We can get 850 gear from M+ now, and can boost people for it. I’d rather spend raid time clearing heroic and eventually Mythic.

We all need to see if we can find new raiders if we plan on attempting Mythic in the future. We need 20 players for it, and we have a solid core of 2 tanks and 4 healers so it’s just DPS we need really.

We can use < z-“Dalaran” CLASS > to search for everyone of that class in Dalaran. Change it to show guild and find the people who are unguilded.

(Sam Hather) #183

I can’t make Thursdays raid unfortunately boys, so good luck!

(Dean) #184

Can people please sign up to the raids and not make me panic. Thank you x

(DayC) #185

I will deffo be there mate just forgot to sign up, will put my name down tonight. @SamHiggy is usually the same too.

@Xenoscythe did you have a chance to look into my stuff in any more depth at all?

(Sam Hather) #186

this reminds me lad, you’ll have to buy a neck enchant unless tuto is around. Or you can always just wait like!

(DayC) #187

Don’t worry mate i’ll buy one :slight_smile:

(DayC) #188

@noodle usual train cancelled from manc, should be home in time for raids, still got ages but thought id warn incase you dont see me online at 7:30.

(DayC) #189

@Noodle i will certainly not be back any time soon tonight probably best to run without me.

(Dean) #190

Oh my, this could be rough. Hopefully we have enough tonight. Not your fault though, we can just invite you when you get on.

(DayC) #191

Trust me id rather be online than stuck here i will get on asap mate

(DayC) #192

Garbage performance by me last night, will try to step it up sunday night

(Ben ) #193

Nah you did good. What you have got to think is your still very new to this I believe? Your keeping up and pushing yourself to be better than most people who have been playing 10 years +. Don’t over think it. Gear right gem right stat right and it will all come naturally

(Xenoscythe) #194

Don’t be too hard on yourself mate a new rotation is tough to get used too and to say its your first raid with it you did great. Even showed improvements on certain fights and by the end of the raid you were smashing it.

Shout out to @Smidsy for absolutely smashing it on damage this week. And @Noodle for not cancelling his casts early everytime this raid. Enjoyed the DPS racing on Dragons.

Overall the 7/7 clear was the fastest we’ve done it and with only 1 wipe (and that was on 1%) even with new tactics i threw at you, we’re definitely ready for herioc.

We do need to smooth out the Cenarius fight still however. I think we’re buggering up going to the tree’s everytime.

(DayC) #195

Cheers mate, think I have the highest ilvl at 857 now, I am new to raiding yeah just really enjoying it and want to get to a high level and enjoy the end game content which i’ve never done before.

Thanks mate, I will keep getting better though. Really enjoying it and watching my numbers go up every time, roll on sunday hopefully make some heroic progress.

(DayC) #196

Got this cool looking head piece from the world boss just now, shame i’m replacing the last drop already but this is 10 ilvls higher with 852 more crit on it and takes me to ilvl 858.

(DayC) #197

Thanks for the raid last night guys. After looking at my own DPS I still feel I could output a little bit more to get Ursoc down quicker which I can do with my artifact. 4 points left until I hit my second golden but feeling like I might re-spec it as I have points in things I shouldn’t right now.

(Gavin Rainey) #198

I am not a WoW head at all but I admire your dedication and willing to improve, fancy making a halo team la?

(Xenoscythe) #199

You did really well last night mate, you seen to have that rotation down now and you’re right your artifact power will make a big difference. You might be at the point now though that you’ll lose as much by respeccing as you would by just leaving the talents in!

Good raid last night, first attempt kill on Nythendra was great, and even though we spent a lot of time wiping on Ursoc, when we finally got the tank switching business down it seemed much smoother, DPS was really good again, everyone keeping at or above the 200k DPS Mark which is exactly what we need.

We may need to recruit a few more DPS to try and boost our numbers upto ~12-15 per raid (+ a healer so tuto can go shadow?) and to start using potions (expensive as they are) for all the DPS. We’ve got almost 50k in the guild bank so theres no reason we can’t buy some herbs and craft them @Noodle, just make sure you keep doing guild groups for mythics so the funds get put back in! .

I’m starting to fall behind in gear by not doing mythics, arms warrior is proper shit for them though. Need to get this progression going in heroic lads! :smiley:

We’ve definitely got Ursoc next-time.

(Sam Hather) #200

Just play in off spec and change the drop spec to be arms?

(Xenoscythe) #201

Unfortunately the stats needed for fury are almost the complete opposite of what i have :<

Will have to test it out in a few guild runs.