Raiding in Legion

(Dean) #1

We have a guild on the Argent Dawn server, Horde side and plan on raiding once they release on the 21st September. We aren’t looking for 6 days a week 10 hour raids, currently planning two or three raids a week for a more manageable 3 hours. Obviously if people want to stay on or raid more that can be an option.

We are probably one of the few guilds who have more healers and tanks than dps so far, so we desperately need more damage. Fire away if you’re interested in raiding with us and we will make it happen.

Warcraft Logs:

(Gavin Rainey) #2

Smather and Tuto have OW to play so count them out.

(Lethal) #3

Fantastic stuff @Noodle I’ll coach you guys to bring them back for me.

(DayC) #4

@Noodle i’ve spoken to Gav and it’s likely i’ll be dropping myself from the HS section of Teqr, not feeling it etc. I have the following on the Argent Dawn server:

  • Pally 107
  • Priest 99
  • Rogue 68
  • Mage 90

So my first goal is to get the lot to 110 of course but if I could help out in any way on these or join in then i’d really like to take the game to the raid level if you have space for me whilst I decide what comp game I wish to pursue in the long term.

(Ben ) #5

We are lacking some range dps at the moment if you want to fill that role?

(Sam Hather) #6

The only guild in the world to lack dps

(DayC) #7

Would love to mate, ill start work on the mage if that’s viable?


Fire’s pretty good atm matey

(DayC) #9

I have heard this from my junior dev so i guess thats the way to go, ill take a closer look when i get back.

(Dean) #11

Don’t even need to ask mate. A ranged DPS would be ace but we aren’t pushy on what we play. Be good to have you on board.

(DayC) #12

Cheers mate, I logged onto my mage last night and started making my way through the WoD content, bit of a grind to go but i’ll get there.

Any mods you guys would recommend that i’m not using? I think i’m using bartender, auctioneer, DBM, tomtom and recount at the moment.


Comix - thank me later ^^

Serious note though, NPCScan and Atlasloot would be good additions =)

(Xenoscythe) #14

Bartender is good,
I’d swap auctioneer out for Auctionator (easy) or Tradeskillmaster (hard)
DBM is good,
TomTom is good and try out Handynotes along with the legion addons.
Recount is a little dated and a little buggy for my liking, try swapping it out for Details!

As for other addons I’d recommend to anyone:

  • Atlasloot - Shows you where loot drops so you can farm there specifically.
  • Postal - Makes everything in your mailbox better and easier.
  • World Quest Tracker - My favourite legion addon so far, means i have to spend less time looking for good loot in my world quests I can just make it show me the ones giving me loot and artifact power without all the shit pet battles and dungeon ones!
  • MoveAnything - Great for customising your UI if you prefer to use the default unit frames. Disable this if you choose to use another Unit Frames addon though.
  • Ovale - Spell prioritys, it basically gives you a basic rundown on your spell rotation live whilst you’re fighting. Its certainly not perfect so take it with a pinch of salt but could give you a good idea how to play your class.
  • GTFO - Stop standing in fire and painful shit you fools. Airhorn based god of an addon.

Personal UI addons:

  • SCT - Great for keeping an eye on damage and buffs, handles everything better than the default UI and has a bunch of presets you can try.
  • Kui Nameplates - Really good looking nameplates.
  • Shadowed Unit Frames - Makes the unit frames look nice, super simple.
  • Gladius - PvP Unit Frames, great for those who like to arena, tracks all sorts of things.
  • MountFarmHelper - Missing a mount? This will tell you where to farm it.
  • EnemyGrid - OP as fuck for any dot class, basically raid frames for enemies nearby.
  • Whipped - Addon for Demonology warlocks to keep track of their pets. Super handy and made by a friend!

Lastly I’d 100% recommend the curse addon client, it makes updating and installing addons so much easier. I have the premium version but i do have a crack that i think might work for the current version but im not too certain.

(Gavin Rainey) #15

@Rosa_Kaninchen uses curse but she isnt playing so much atm work is ramping up.

If you could give gold on this site I would.

(DayC) #16

@Xenoscythe thanks mate, i’m also using curse but there’s so many that I just tried to pick up the basics but I hadn’t kept up with the game enough to know Recount was shit now.

I will go and pick a bunch of these up tonight :slight_smile:

(Dean) #17

Big Wigs and Little Wigs are an alternative to DBM. However, that’s the limit of my mods apart from a couple Xeno liked. He nailed it.

(Sam Connolly) #18

Pretty much just downloaded all of those mods you listed, cheers!

(DayC) #19

Same, I missed the Details plugin but I will get that tonight. @Xenoscythe if you’re at i60 i’ll get you a drink lad, I would have spent ages researching the lot of these.

I swerved Ovale for now so that I can learn my class inside out as i’ve never played mage before and have just started at 90, lots of spells to keep in mind whilst i’m playing so I wanted to understand the rotations in my own mind rather than just being instructed what to do.

EnemyGrid is easily the most useful for me in this list, i’ve always struggled with what method I should be using to target enemies and this just makes it 100x easier for me.

(Dean) #20

Best way to pick a new class up is take a quick check at your rotation first. Pick out the key spells you will use often and just practice with those. Forget about cool downs and stuff like that, you don’t need them until end game really anyway. This just means that by the time you’re getting to end game you’re comfortable with your rotation which is the main part and then you can start to add cool downs into it.

(DayC) #21

Yes I thought this might be the case, i’ve consciously been thinking about the rot each mob as i’m levelling and making sure I get the double crits right for the instant pyros. I ofc havn’t got my Artifact just yet so no Phoenix flames so just working with Fire Blast and Flame On + any pyros that manage to crit.