Questions for Lethal about H2A

(Richard Bowman) #1


I will be doing another video interview with Lethal, this time about his time at Gamescom and how he found Halo 2 Anniversary. If you have any burning questions that you just need to know the answer to, like how close to the orginal does it feel etc then just post them in here and I will do my best to ask him. I will be interviewing him tonight so be sure to get your questions in as soon as possible.

Cheers guys!

(Van Slab) #2

With the changes to overshield spawn is Ascension still a viable map for Blast Resort ?

(Matt) #3

What do you think about Tower of Power no longer being in the MLG circuit?

(Gavin Rainey) #4

How much did it hurt your anus to play Halo 4.5 on those poorly textured, badly redesigned maps?

Did you manage to ask Brav or Goldenboy why they didnt have a clue about anything and were such poor casters?

Why did rocks have lense flare on sanctuary?

(Dean) #5

How’s your back?

(Josh) #6

What G is your dad?

Did you catch any of the CS? How superior was it to Gheylo?

(Luka) #7

ass or titties

(Webb) #8

go with the old classic: would you rather sit on a cake and eat a dick or sit on a dick and eat a cake

oh also on a scale of 1 to lots how often did Xavi mention Chalkie

(Ben ) #9

My question is if your dad is gay? And his dad was gay? Then how were you conceived?

(Andy ) #10

How do you feel about all the players living in the past thinking this will resurrect the dead halo community?

(Adam) #11

Can H2A compete with big competitive console titles like Titanfall?

(Dean) #12

How does it feel to be old and washed up? (Like most of us).

(Randal Octagonapus) #14

Am I the only one who likes the look of the gameplay?

(Richard Bowman) #15

It seems that way, at least here anyway ha ha.

(Lee) #16

whilst i wasn’t too impressed with seeing things like bloom on the halo 2 sniper, it still looked enjoyable and deffo a game i would purchase. Honestly looking forward to it’s release.

(Randal Octagonapus) #17

It looks a lot more fast paced and smoother than the last few titles plus the BR looks pretty genuine to it’s roots. Obviously I haven’t played yet so can’t fully comment and this is based purely on the finals that I saw.

(Erlend Prestmo) #18

I’m buying MCC for H2 Classic and Halo 3. I doubt I will put much time into H2A even if 343 did a major tournament for it, and I am never touching Halo 4.

What put me off from H2A was, it really does not look like Halo 2 at all, its a tweaked Halo 4.

(Richard Bowman) #19

Thank’s for the questions guys, the interview will be up tomorrow morning. I can post it here if you guys would like?