Premier League Fantasy Football 2014/15

(Ryan Roberts) #62

I’d be more upset about having Walcott & Ulloa in your team.

In other new, top of the league.

(Paul Corkin) #63

Tugsy hacks, 100%!

(Xenoscythe) #64

Dont have Walcott, Welbeck is doing decent though :stuck_out_tongue: and Ulloa bashed out the points early on in the season, shame he’s lost form recently, still 7th on forwards points though and for 5.6 isn’t super bad!

(Ryan Roberts) #65

Yes, meant Welbeck! Problem is with Ulloa is he’s not fired for four weeks now… whereas other forwards have continued their form, meaning you’re losing ground. I would ship him out personlly, along with Danny.

Got to put my hands up and admit that I captained Sanchez, but bottled it at the last minute and switched to Costa… gutted.

(DayC) #66

I’ve been point chasing for weeks now so I have to stick with it and hopefully get better haul this week.

(Sanchez ) #67

Has anyone set a league up for this year.

(DayC) #68

Yep, check front page @Tugsy has started one.

(Gavin Rainey) #69

(Xenoscythe) #70