Premier League Fantasy Football 2014/15

(Yan) #41

I put Sigurdsson in the other day and then removed him, feel like a right plank now. Still 1st

(DayC) #42

And you’ve still got hazard to play!

I’m waiting on Lovren, Henderson, Fabregas and Costa to play yet so I think i’m sitting pretty in 4th at the moment.

(Dean) #43

Majorly bottom of the league. Forgot to update my roster. Fml. It’s a long road back now haha

(DayC) #44

Ah mate that’s unlucky hope you pull it back!

(Dean) #45

Theres more than one week in a season. I’m just giving people hope :wink:

(Xenoscythe) #46

I particularly liked your usage of the 3 definitely out players.

(Ryan Roberts) #47

Yeah gutted, I benched Siggy too. I think a lot of people did with the plan to bring him in this week. Ok start for me and I have another three players (including captain) to play tonight.

(jbssteve) #48

well pretty good weekend overall, was 11th on saturday , up to 2nd after sunday , ramsey sterling and dzeko raking in the points

(Sanchez ) #49

Not a bad return this wkd , hopefully Oscar can pick up some more points for me tonight

(Gavin Rainey) #51

I forgot to confirm, so costa is on the bench for me, got 40 points atm anyway lets see how it goes!

(jbssteve) #52

right barkleys had to be transfered unfortunately due to his injury, all ok though as fabregas is brought into the team :slight_smile:

(Paul Corkin) #53

Happy with 58 points this week, Thought Luis would start for Chelsea but he didn’t. Had to switch him out.

(Rob Thomas) #54

Oh shit I’m first.

I’d just like to thank my team for playing well and my family for believing in me all this time.

(Dean) #55

I managed to drop one place from the bottom of the league to bottom of the league. Someone new has joined in and still over took me.

(DayC) #56

How are everyone’s teams looking? Do we think Ramsey or Costa will play?

(Gavin Rainey) #57

Costa will play until he is hurt m8

(DayC) #58

Gr8 cheers m8

(DayC) #59

@JellY Having a stonker this week.

(Paul Corkin) #60

#1 Boys, 96 points week thanks to Costa and co.

(Xenoscythe) #61