Premier League Fantasy Football 2014/15

(DayC) #21

Don’t worry mate still early days yet!

(Xenoscythe) #22

I just joined up for this :slight_smile: I love me some fantasy football!

(Xenoscythe) #23

Loic Remy: Liverpool’s £8.5m move for QPR striker collapses


(Dean) #24

Maybe he just wants to go to a decent team.

(Rob Thomas) #25

Na, Liverpool just realised he wasn’t a Southampton player.

(THEPete) #26

Joined =]

(DayC) #27

1 week to go lads make sure your teams are all up to date by Saturday.

(Ryan Roberts) #28

A few changes to my team - not 100% happy with my defence, rest of it is solid with a few punts for differential.

Anyone else showing their teams?

(Xenoscythe) #29

Still got a few changes to make, probably not going to keep the stoke defence but we’ll see!

(Owain) #30

I reckon I could break the top 1000 this year, finally.

No idea how I crafted my team; it is insanely good.

(Paul Corkin) #31

(Rob Thomas) #32

Pretty happy with my team.

(DayC) #33

Mirallas and Lukaku doubtful to start vs Leicester this weekend if anyone has them, behind closed doors friendly vs Shef Wed showed their extended break after World Cup has gotten to them.

Just so anyone who has them knows.

My team:

(Ryan Roberts) #34

I like the Henderson, Fab & Ramsey picks Scouser - rest I’m not too keen on.

Out of interest is anyone going for Coutinho?

(jbssteve) #35

(Peter Woodberry) #36

My current team.

(DayC) #37

Cheers, I can’t stop fiddling with it tbh trying to get the best team I can so I doubt this will be the last iteration now.

The logic behind it was to try and mix consistency with cost, Dzeko Bony and Lukaku are 15 goals a season striker so I felt as a starting point they’d keep my team gaining points over time. Shelvey and Henderson provide week in week out decent performances, Barkley is a risk but I saw every game he played last season and think he’ll get better, fab and ramsey are superstars so i’m hoping they pull in the big points. Kecielny and Skrtl were the best I could get whilst spreading the cash out and Lovren I really didn’t want to pick but I hope he has a nice season. Finally Howard is just brilliant for his cost, occasionally he’ll make a stupid mistake and he does tend to hit the ground but for five and half mil he does the business much better than say Mignolet or De Gea.

Coutinho is over priced at 8 mil I think, if he has a great season then he could be worth it but I think for 2mil less Henderson is a much safer bet.

(DayC) #38

This is what i’m on just before tomorrow, hopefully the team sheet for Everton gets leaked so I can decide to play naismith or lukaku.

Edit: Barkley injured long term in training today, massive blow for us we really didn’t need that.

(Greg) #39

Sitting in 2nd after the opening day, could’ve gone better as i removed sigurdsson last night. Hopefully costa can bag a couple for me

(DayC) #40

Me and @Tugsy with Sigurdsson on the bench like the fantasy pros we are.