Pokémon Trading Card Game Online

(Gavin Rainey) #1

Although it technically isnt a CCG its a TCG @DayC recently got me into Pokemon.

My plan is to play mostly PTCGO the online (PC and Tablet not phone) game. It can be found here:


It is very well built as I believe the guys behind magics PC game. Day can clarify.

You can buy physical theme decks and packs and you get online codes, you can also buy the online codes for pennies.

You start with a tutorial and can use theme decks to do trainer challenges and compete in theme deck matches.

I think this is a tremendous game and 100x more enjoyable than Hearthstone. I regret spending that much time and even money on hearthstone.

I will happily play anyone and am almost done completing the county cups in the AI now. When you do them all you can get a lot of packs and gold. I recommend saving gold for your theme decks and buying as many as you can to build up.

There are some codes for free too just look around.

whos in?

(Thom Haas) #2

Is actually a really fun game only played a few hours though IGN Nodawe

(DayC) #3

Oh no sorry i’ve likely not explained this too well. Pokemon TCG Online is made in Unity by The Pokemon Company. Magic Online was developed in its own engine by Leaping Lizard and then brought in house by Wizards of the Coast and Yugioh Duel Links seems to be the latest effort from Konami to get into this space but offers a watered down version of the game only on iOS and Android.

Android: Netrunner currently has no official online platform. Magic also has a free to play version on Steam called Magic Duels which receives very good reviews and is great for learning the core mechanics of Magic.

Pokemon TCG in both paper and digital formats offers a fantastic experience at the moment. Lots of great product and a sizeable chunk of cards are holding value in the secondary market. It’s a really great game to get into at the moment and very easily accessible, plus no real aggro decks if you’re tired of those.

(Anthony) #4

I tried Yugioh duel links on my phone didn’t like it at all.

Will give this a try when I next get some gaming time, I haven’t touched Hearthstone at all since the MSG expansion.

(DayC) #5

Yeah Konami don’t seem to be doing all that well with their digital products atm.

Let me know what you think mate. Pokemon is heavily combo based and lets you draw a lot of cards rather than having too much board presence with you only being allowed to have 1 active monster at a time…

(Peter Woodberry) #6

Might give this a crack, don’t have a tablet to play on the go but I used to love the TCG when I was a kid.

(Anthony) #7

Got this on my phone don’t get why it’s tablet only.

(Gavin Rainey) #8

you need a lot of real estate, it would never work on an iphone 6 for example

(Gazza) #9

ive played a bit of this already pretty fun and they just recently added a whole bunch of new cards too

(Anthony) #10

True I forget how small some phones are having used a note 4 for 2 years.

Really liking this game just working through the trainer challenges.

(DayC) #11

Keep going mate, there’s a lot of scope for combo with the more cards you get.

(Gavin Rainey) #12

How is everyone getting on?

My IGN is Karnesus

(Sam Hather) #13

Not really had much time to play with just playing CS:GO and watching Vikings, definitely seems like a card game I may actually enjoy though!

Some mad combos

(Sam Connolly) #14

Mine is ScouseSamC :slight_smile:

(Gavin Rainey) #15


(Gazza) #16

might grind some versus then

(Ben ) #17

Remember that time I dropped 90 quid on a booster pack to test a theory? :smiley: @Nodawe @smather @Noodle

(Gavin Rainey) #18

Remember last night i told you cards dont match online codes and online codes at 100% randomly generated?

Sell the online codes separately you will get good p

or just blow them yourself

(Ben ) #19

Gonna see what rares I get using that method of finding the holo then opening every 3Rd pack after. But also nice little boost to hold some real life decks to have a laugh with at LAN.

(Xenoscythe) #20

Is that like rubbing the coin on csgo