PC for a friend

(Gavin Rainey) #1

Hi Guys,

More PC builds, this time not Mini ITX.

£800 limit, for a gamer, his first PC!

I will build something now too and if we can come to a good conclusion for the best p4p rig that would be immense.

He has 2 screens, mouse and keyboard already.

total 801 from Aria, could price it down i bet.

Thats obviously with new kit, and stock cooling, is Skylake worth it?

(Gavin Rainey) #2

@Sith @Prio @Freebird

You guys are the usual kings of the rigs, can you help out to make sure we get the best deal?

(Sam Connolly) #3

That’s basically my build now, I have a different mobo and SSD.

And it’s fucking awesome, but I won’t lie, that CPU has had basically no upgrade in performance for me from the Sandy Bridge i5 2550k.

I’ll do some more research for you tonight when I’m home, but even if you go with that build, it’s an amazing PC and you won’t go far wrong with it. But! That i5 doesn’t come with a CPU cooler or heatsink, so you’ll need to whack one of those on too. I’d also advise a big HDD for a bit more storage, but that’s really down to personal preference.

But yeah will get back to you later tonight :slight_smile:

(Gavin Rainey) #4

He has a 3TB SSD to run behind for storage

I’m suprised they dont come with stock cooling either!

I look forward to seeing your edits.

(C**t ) #5

Yea its stupid tbh, but their logic is if youre buying a K series chip you wont be using a stock cooler.

Any room on the budget at all?

Will you be building it?

for £900 this is what I would go with


for £800 (and a tad more)


For me I would wait and save a bit more for the £900 build maybe get a H55 and overclock the CPU for like £45 more the Ti is just so much better, the budget is between two price points its either spend more and get more peformance or I could build a 970 build for a bit cheaper, I mean you can run TR2013 at 4K 60FPS on a Ti its just such a better card.

(Sanchez ) #6

what ? i5 “k” series dont come with a cooler ?

I am considering a i5 but the amd athlon at x4 860 at the 1/3 of the price is swaying me.

(C**t ) #7

The new Skylake chips dont.

(Gavin Rainey) #8

k means it is unlocked for overclocking

the new skylake chips dont come with coolers.

He is 15 @Sith its fixed at 800 i would say.

Ti cards are indeed much better, jade runs a gtx650ti i think? and it runs everything and she streams as you know

(Sanchez ) #9

No bother they are out of my price range , i dont want to spend more than 500 on a mini itx build.

(Fatmanp) #10

You don’t want a Corsair CX series PSU with a high end GPU trust me. Although it is within the wattage limit it will seriously struggle to output the necessary power when that GPU starts to kick up a few gears. There is a chance it can lead to quite a bit of coil whine on the GPU as well. Thats why I replaced my CX series PSU last week.

Here is my stab at it which comes in a little over your budget.


I say take the R9 390 over the GTX 970 for two reasons. It has more than double the VRAM of a 970 (3.5gb) and also features superior DX12 support

(C**t ) #11

That card is fine for that PSU, also the card is what causes the coil whine, not the PSU, you shouldnt OC the card but itll still be fine.

It is a better card but by about 2-5 frames, the VRAM wont be an issue though as card is best for 1080p, the only issue comes with SLI 4K setups, also it does have better DX12 support, but its till not full support. For me the ease of use of an NVidia card makes it worth the 2-5 frame difference.

(C**t ) #12

Also case is pretty subjective so youd have to ask him what he would want, as none of us have to look at it for as long as hes using it.

(Sam Connolly) #13

This would be mine:

Still £90 to spare, personally I don’t think the i5 skylake is worth the upgrade, you’d be jumping up to DDR4 RAM too, which costs more than DDR3, not drastically, but enough. Not enough improvement on the 4690k compared to the 6600k. If you want to see for yourself here’s a pretty good comparison chart: http://download.intel.com/support/processors/corei5/sb/intelcorei5comparisonchartrev9.pdf

As for the £90, you could save it if you want, you could put more money into a bigger and better case, you could upgrade the SSD to a better one, could throw in an optical drive if you want one, fuck it he could throw in a decent closed loop water cooling kit (he couldn’t do all of these of course). As you say, he’s 15, I imagine that £90 is quite a lot of money to him still, so maybe it’s worth mentioning he can do it a little bit cheaper, or he can spend absolutely all the £800, but he’s not really going to see much of a performance boost.

I’m a little biased against DDR4 RAM atm, it’s coming out, and it’s not going to be all that much difference. Frequency has increased sure, but the RAM is still a decent physical distance away from the CPU, which is where the main bottleneck with RAM lies. As I say, I’ve upgraded to DDR4 and seen no drastic or noticeable improvements.

(C**t ) #14

I agree really, £800 is between the 970 and 980Ti price points, there really is no need for a Skylake CPU, not only is RAM more expensive so is the Motherboard, with the money he could save for around £90-80 he could also get a few more case fans and a better Motherboard that allows for SLI if he wants to upgrade in the future.

(Gavin Rainey) #15

Well played lads

Answered my question too

(Jasper Littlehales) #16

hi guys,
jasper here im the guy you are designing this pc for and im loving the feedback

i want this pc for:
streaming (a bit - i have an xbox one and an elgato hd60)
games like minecraft and csgo
school work :frowning:
and go pro editing (we’ve got a hero 4 so video is like 1gb per minute)

i like this case but it is a lot of money

or this case what do you think ?

and i was going to get a i7 but you said i5 is good enough for me

i like the MSI NVIDIA GTX 970

my backup is 3tb disk not SSD (i wish)

any more comments would be appreciated - also… i cant decide whether liquid cooling is a good idea :smile:

thanks Gav and everyone for helping me

(Fatmanp) #17

If yo are going to spend that much money on a CM case get this

(Gavin Rainey) #18

Yeah Jasper mate the HAF-X looks cool, and is really really REALLY good.