Patch Notes - 28/01/2016

(DayC) #1

First patch of the new year and nades are fixed.


  • Explosive damage and damage from flying grenade impacts will now always use armor penetration formulas when the victim wears armor (thanks to the video uploaded by Andrew PhoenixFight3r).
  • Added convar mp_drop_knife_enable (defaults to ‘0’) that allows players on community servers to drop their knives.

Linux client

  • Fixed displays to set on the correct monitor in multi-monitor setups.
  • Fixed a bug in mouse handling when moving mouse toward the top-left.

Other / Rumors

  • The TAC-21 references found in the previous update have since been removed

Size: ~10 MB

(Peter Woodberry) #2

No more getting hit for 80+ damage nades when you have armor!

(Dean) #3

I thought that was added for the CoD kids following Faze

(Matt) #4

Now all they need to do is make it so grenades don’t give you a braking distance of 4mm.