Patch Notes - 21/01/2016

(DayC) #1


  • Removed holiday cheer.


  • Added a convar cl_crosshair_sniper_width to allow increasing width of sniper crosshair lines on high dpi monitors or multimonitor setups.
  • Fixed some looping sounds not stopping after Killer Replay.
  • Bomb plant and defuse are excluded from Low-Light playback.
  • Players can no longer vote-kick a bot.
  • An HE grenade not owned by any connected player will no longer result in kicking the victim for too many suicides.


  • Fixed mouse handling in community server dialog.


  • Fixed arms/sleeve textures not rendering in workbench.
  • Fixed minor shadow errors on viewmodels.
  • Optimized CT viewmodel arm texture size.

(Xenoscythe) #2

New sniper inc

“model” “v_snip_tac21”
“root_anim_loop” “ACT_IDLE_INSPECT_TAC21_LOOP”

(Dean) #3

I don’t see the need. We have a cheap one, a one shot anywhere and two semi auto’s. Google says the rifle itself is a bolt action, what could it bring that the scout and AWP doesn’t already do?

(Matt) #4

(Xenoscythe) #5

Who knows, perhaps silenced awp but with the price tag of an autosniper?

A good idea would be to make it just a model alternative to the awp for a bit of variety, would be nice to introduce the mp5 back in this way too.

Or because its a modular gun irl, perhaps they’ll make it like a Garand?

(Dean) #6

I doubt they would just give @roozle free Global.

Makes sense though, not sure a silenced sniper is a good idea at AWP power, but at scout power I think that would be interesting.