Patch Notes - 16/12/2015

(DayC) #1

We did it Reddit!

  • Reverted recent changes to pistols and the AK-47, M4A4, and M4A1-S (see the CS:GO blog for details).
  • Other players can now hear the sound of the R8 Revolver primary fire hammer just before it fires.
  • Smoke clouds from smoke grenades detonated by burning fire will now correctly cover the ground instead of floating above that area.
  • Fire grenades that had been only partially extinguished by smoke will no longer deal damage from the flames under smoke grenade (fix for a bug discovered by jasonRRR)
  • Flames from fire grenades that are still spreading will no longer spread into the smoke cloud and will instead spread along the edge of the smoke cloud.
  • Fixed up-to-360-degree camera flip in Killer Replay.
  • Fixed an instance where an offer showed the incorrect price.


(Gavin Rainey) #2

A great change for us.

It is very interesting to see they said people still sprayed

i wonder how much of that was adaptation, vs people not wanting to change and waiting for the revert.

(Matt) #3

Pretty happy with all of that.

(Lethal) #4

Dad just stop it people are watching.

(DayC) #5

Just incase anyone’s not read the blog, here’s a bonus tidbit.

We failed to anticipate the reaction of the community to changes in such heavy-use weapons, and we clearly need to re-evaluate our process for making and communicating about changes in that space.

Sounds like the backlash finally got to Gaben, CS may find itself being bumped up the pecking order in terms of focus for Valve now.

(Xenoscythe) #6

(Rob Thomas) #7

What are shitters like @Xenoscythe gonna blame when they wiff an entire clip on someone now?

(DayC) #8

I use lag, it’s an old one but everyone knows about my awful connection.

(Van Slab) #9

Bit gutted the update was a buff for the nova