Overwatch, new FPS from Blizzard

(Xenoscythe) #606

End of season time, will get my first golden weapon, yay!

(Josh) #607

Just bought some boxes, got one purple out of the lot, everything else was mostly white and a few blues. What a crock of shite.

(Scott) #608

65 boyz. got that sick 300 cp.

(Luke) #609

Overwatch lore… apparently

(Sam Connolly) #610

Here’s the match we played at i58 vs Fridge if anyones interested, just the attack side, will post the rest soon

(Sam Hather) #611

This is the defend side http://plays.tv/video/57c3882d36a015cb01/teqr-esports-v-fridge-insomnia-58-dorado-overwatch

(Scott) #612

good shit boyz

(-.---.) #613

Overwatch Liquidpedia boiz

(-.---.) #614

If we could get the IGI match vod on attack that would be sick as fuck seeing that one awesome play.

(Sam Hather) #615

Which awesome play?

(-.---.) #616

Think it was Bagel knocking 5 people off the high ground so we could push off it.

(Peter Woodberry) #617

Where did you guys place?

(-.---.) #618

Just missed the double elim bracket, probably joint 17th with a couple of teams.

(Sam Hather) #619

With zero practice I think it’s important to mention.

I really want to push this team now as I think that we showed some really good stuff for 2 games of practice before going into our games!

(-.---.) #620

Yeah, I think a couple of days off will do me some good. Then when it comes to Season 6 we can smash out getting placed and climbing (for those who want to carry on playing/committing, but I’m really enjoying PTR atm for the little I’ve played on it). Once we’re up to speed mechanically we can start playing premades again/scrimming with teams we’ve seen at i-Series (IGI maybe down the line? They had a couple really good players and played very well as a team but they had problems when we played them).

Even Endpoint had glimpses of issues when we played against them, but looking back I think the strategy to ‘cheese’ went wrong (bad on my part I guess) which snowballs 100-0 stomps like nothing.

(Sam Hather) #621

I doubt we were ever gonna win, which is why we all decided cheesing would be funny! But yeah definitely. We can come back to it in a couple of weeks and see who’s up for it. Then pick up other players to fill the spots :slight_smile:

(-.---.) #622

Yeah that’s true, maybe it’s just looking back on it which is making me doubt on it. Gonna set up recording games for Season 2 now and review VODs for losses like I used to do for League.

I should really get on learning D’va now, she seems pretty strong atm with her changes a while ago.

(Sam Connolly) #623

I enjoy overwatch when we play competitively, I just don’t enjoy playing solo. It’s much more enjoyable when actually playing as a team and communicating than the usual MM standard of everyone sitting in silence then calling people shit at the end. Id be up for carrying on with OW if theres a few of us from SSRCG continuing, really good community and made the games really enjoyable with a lot of communication and everyone accepting responsibility for their plays

(Sam Hather) #624

You mean like that 10/10 Zarya ult that I shot that didn’t hit anyone? :wink:

(-.---.) #625

They’re called zoning ults bro, that play was godlike :wink: