Overwatch, new FPS from Blizzard

(Dean) #1

So Blizzard announced there new game “Overwatch”.

Seems to be a futuristic first person shooter. It looks very similar to team fortress… Thoughts?

EDIT: Beta signup and game website can be found here: http://eu.battle.net/overwatch/en/

(DayC) #2

@Easy has described this as “Shadowrun on acid”

Looks like an excellent attempt at the FPS genre from Blizzard. Looks like such a good quality game too. Kotaku claims this is a reworked version of Blizzard’s Titan MMO:

(Paul Corkin) #3

Just about to post about it, looks nice, should be a fun game to play.

(Dean) #4

I for one am excited for this game. I loved the old team fortress, it was what i played before halo:ce and other online games. I felt that TF2 disappointed to no end and still does. So i hope this game turns out well. Blizzard games are always made to a high quality, and the gameplay from the preview looked really simple, user friendly and fun.

(DayC) #5

Everybody make sure you sign up for a potential beta invite!

(Paul Corkin) #6

Overwatch panel is on at the minute, some interesting stuff, they’re currently going through all the heros.

(Dean) #7

I wanted to see it but i couldn’t find the panel. Was it on twitch or through the blizzcon ticket?

(Dean) #8

Would have been on the Blizzcon ticket. I’ll upload the vod later.

(Paul Corkin) #9

Blizzcon ticket but i had a stream for it for free.

(Peter Woodberry) #10

This looks sick!

Widowmaker, a sniper with a fucking zip line? I’m in.

With all the abilities I can see this being so good to watch and play.

(Paul Corkin) #11

Hinting that it could possibly be released on console too. Looks sicks, Shadowrun like, I was a huge fan of shadowrun, this has me hyped.

(Sam Hather) #12

Me too, Shadowrun was absolutely class.

Looks so good.

(Xenoscythe) #13

I am soooo exciiited for this. Looks like a cross between Shadow run, firefall and tf2. Absolutely brilliant! Gonna take some crazy balancing though.

(Adam) #14

Oh man this looks amazing. As a huge Shadowrun and TF2 fan I absolutely cannot wait. Pretty much every character looks fun and unique, which is more than you can say for most class based shooters. I might actually drop TF2 for this when it releases.

Can already say I’ll probably be maining Pharah and Tracer.

(Peter Woodberry) #15

Is it gonna be 6v6?

(Dean) #16

Yeah it is. We will have a few articles up soon.

(Adam) #17

Starting my Tracer crossplay now

(Blake) #18

That’s exactly what I thought.

(Nathan Burton) #19

Looking forward to it!

(Adam) #20