Old Heads

(Danny Sheahan) #1

Alright, wondering if theres any old school people around here as I’ve been told this is the place to come since halos downfall. Kinda fell out of touch with everyone whilst starting a family.

What’s everyone’s feel about the beta?

(Van Slab) #2

Ey up mate it’s moose

Most of us have moved over to PC

I’ve been playing CS:GO, Hearthstone and USFIV recently

@Lethal and few others are still playing Halo

(Anthony) #3

Hey there, it’s Anthony II :smile:

I haven’t played Halo since Reach so can’t really comment on Halo. Wasn’t impressed by Reach or 4, and playing 3 on LAN at i51 wasn’t as good as I remember, probably as a result of moving to PC titles since.

There’s a lot of “old school” players still around, only @Lethal is still playing Halo I think? And @WoodchucK to? Everyone has been playing one of or a mixture of LoL, DoTA2, SC2, CSGO. Hearthstone in the last couple of years and a couple of other games to.

(Danny Sheahan) #4

Good to hear from you guys, glad to know the community thrives somewhere, I played Reach and 4 for the campaign story never online. Both sucked ass, liking the beta a little more but still a million miles away from halo 2’s prime. Big standard casual at my gaming now so less time to get into all the PC stuff, just remember a lot of old guys and was reminiscing after playing some H2 on MCC about the old days and the couple of lans I ventured too with Moose