Nvidia Pascal/AMD Polaris

(Fatmanp) #101

With a little persistence i got through to the depot and have gotten them to call the driver who realizes his mistake. Apparently he will be calling me soon. I will give it an hour.

(DayC) #102

Haha! Don’t you just love delivery companies?

(Fatmanp) #103

Sorry about the mess

(Fatmanp) #104

Witcher 3 runs absolutely amazing. Also I can finally play Assassins Creed Unity. Both games are just gorgeous.

(Xenoscythe) #105

How much did that set you back? Trying to workout if its worth it 770 to 1080 :smiley:

(Fatmanp) #106

@Xenoscythe just shy of 700. My old card was a 780ti and I am seeing upwards of 2x performance in every game I have tried. The 780ti was no slouch but this was an investment for Battlefield 1 and the next three years. A 1070 should have the same gains for you.


@Sith https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=URyG1OP8p8I also - necro thread luls. But yea seems EVGA FTW cards are having issues atm. Though I must admit, huge props to EVGA here, that customer support regarding this, though they didn’t have much of a choice but still.

(C**t ) #108

Their customer support is the best out of any vendor, ASUS are widely regarded as one of the worst if people were thinking about them. I’ve dealt with their support on 3 occasions and It was really fast and hassle free. Also there’s a lot of posts online where people RMA with EVGA and they get an upgrade, doubt it’ll happen in this situation mind you.