Nvidia Pascal/AMD Polaris

(DayC) #61

They nearly always do tbh, they don’t seem to enjoy targeting the enthusiast market all that much.

I would suppress those feelings mate, most cards should end of this month / start of next month and then end of july you should be looking a full market of custom coolers and pcbs. As tempting as it is wait until you have all the options laid out in front of you.

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@smather https://countingdownto.com/countdown/amd-computex-live-broadcast-countdown-clock

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Scan’s prices have been lowered a tad on 3rd party brands. I was looking at the MSI Gaming X which was £705(ish) now sitting at £649.99.

Looks like things are still in fluctuation of course but worth a note.

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ZEN CPU hype!


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(Paul Corkin) #66

$200, Sounds almost too good to be true.

(Fatmanp) #67

Wait for the benchmarks.

(Dean) #68

Looks like I’ve found my next card then. I’m sure it can smash Overwatch at 144fps on minimum graphics.

(Fatmanp) #69

Probably closer to max settings

(DayC) #70

Wait for the benchmarks.

(Gavin Rainey) #71

I am waiting very very muchly

I am in the situation where my R9 280X needs an upgrade, and Jade has like a 650TI or something so she could do with a buff too.

Two of these wont dent our bank like 2 1070’s but if the 1070’s are miles ahead, I will go to them.

(Dean) #72

I don’t like max settings, too flashy. I’m sure they can smash it at 144 as I get between 70-90 on a 470GTX

(DayC) #73

@Easy Judging by the marketed performance of the 480 you’re looking at around 980 performance so 1070’s will likely still smash it, of course this is all guestimates at the moment but that doesn’t mean that a 1070 is right for you.

As with everyone, consider what you’re doing, what you’re playing and why an upgrade is required. Look at the resolution you want to play at, the frame rate you want to achieve and under what settings load.

@Noodle clearly has his requirements sorted and knows what he wants so he’ll be automatically look at the Radeon brand and know he wants a cheaper card from that line, all he has to do then is look at comparison benchmarks and prices to weigh up which card holds more value to him personally whilst reaching his minimum viable achievement.

(Gavin Rainey) #74

1280x1024 low low low on CS:GO :D:D:D:D

(Paul Corkin) #75

Think the 480 will be my next card purely on price and still a huge performance boost from my 7800.

(DayC) #76

Leaked 1070 pricing. £360 for a Titan killer.


(DayC) #77

1070 Gaming X plus other MSI models confirmed

(Fatmanp) #78

Leaning towards to the EVGA 108 FTW card based upon EVGA having better customer service and being much cheaper.

(C**t ) #79

I own 2 EVGA cards and they are the only vendor I will buy from, from now on. Make sure you register your card on their site once you get it as I think you get an extra years warranty inside the first 30 days of purchase.

(Josh) #80

+1 for EVGA, they are awesome. I have a few of their products, namely my current GPU and PSU. Their warranty is ridiculously good.