Nvidia Pascal/AMD Polaris

(DayC) #41

Where’s this coming from?

(Dean) #42


Has minimal differences on there. Not sure you’d see more than a few FPS difference.

(Sam Hather) #43

Think the 390x was designed for 1440p +

(C**t ) #44

It was, and the 1080 is close to being a 4k card.
Also the GTX is basically a 40-60% increase over the 390X in real world applications.

(DayC) #45

Sorry I thought we were comparing the 1080 to the 390 what are you referring to?

This was the impression I was under as well.

(Fatmanp) #46

Keep checking this page

ROG Strix OC is where I am leaning at the moment. I know I will not be able to get a hold of one for at least a few months but this card is for Battlefield 1 so I have until October.

(DayC) #47

MSI Gaming X for me atm I think.

(Fatmanp) #48

I love me some MSI tbh.

(C**t ) #49

Id be waiting for the EVGA hybrid version, with GPU boost 3.0 there will be almost no reason to OC.

(C**t ) #50

Looking at the GTX 1070 benchmarks and price there is almost no reason to get a GTX 1080, If you have the budget for a 1080 you may aswell just spend a tad more and get 2 1070s, or just save the money, crazy price to performance ratio.

(DayC) #51

It is a crazy ratio, but if you have the money you’d just buy into the 1080. It still beats out the 1070 significantly enough to justify the price.

Don’t forget there’s likely to be a 1080ti next year as well, so the 1070 will be two steps below par then and we still havn’t seen AMD’s cards yet.

All of this is entirely based on two things:

  1. Budget
  2. What you’re actually going to do with the cards.

There is no point in buying into the 1080 (or the 1070 for that matter) if you’re not going to end up on a higher FPS monitor or a higher resolution. AMD will almost certainly serve as a better price point card in that case, we still have to wait and see though. This could be the year AMD finally targets the enthusiast market.

(Fatmanp) #52

SLI is a waste of money. Fewer games are supporting it and the scaling is quite bad on some of the ones that do.

(C**t ) #53

As someone who uses SLI that’s a highly erroneous statement, the amount of games supporting SLI is higher than ever and the performance increase is easily worth it.

I’d still say the GTX 1070 is worth buying over the 1080 unless you’re looking at 4K, it’s a 20% decrease in performance compared to the GTX 1080 but it’s also nearly 40% cheaper.

Though as you say @DayC Polaris could absolutely blow this out the water in terms of price to performance, so it’s still better to wait right now.

Referencing the 1080Ti, also means the 1080 will be out of shape too, so you either save for that card or it’s basically irrelevant, as looking at the 980Ti to 980 the 980 was left looking redundant compared to the Ti so it happens to both cards, it’s just one offers a far higher price to performance.

(Fatmanp) #54

Have to disagree. The scaling on SLI is very rarely ever 100% which is a big issue for me if I am paying full price for two cards. I used to own the old GTX295. Now if SLI profiles were abundant with new games it was a fantastic card but when they were not I essentially had a GTX 260.

(C**t ) #55

Virtually every AAA game has SLI support, I can name the AAA games that don’t that have been out in the past year on 1 hand. As for performance the profiles offer 90-95% performance increase, as someone who’s used SLI recently over the course of the past year id easily do it again and my experience is anything but negative. I’m pretty sure the GTX 295 came out in 2009, SLI has changed drastically since then, look at NVidias page for SLI supported games, that amount of supported games is clear to see.

(Sam Hather) #56

When the fuck are amd gonna announce their cards? They do realise that the majority of people will have bought the 1070 or 80 by the time they announce if they don’t do it this week, right?

(DayC) #57

Computex is tomorrow I think mate, likely to see GPUs and APUs.

(Fatmanp) #58

A 480x was spotted at Computex. I will be amazed if we don’t see something by the end of the week. Amd is a no go for me anyway because I use Gsync.

(Gavin Rainey) #59

Unless AMD have nvidia fucked here on performance they need to REALLY beat them on price.

(Sam Hather) #60

Excellent - TY.

I really want a new gfx card and don’t feel like I can wait more than a month haha