Nvidia Pascal/AMD Polaris

(DayC) #21

Yeah turns out the card’s price is likely around £51 more than US version, which isn’t far off. The major increase in price is down to sales tax, explained here.

Yes for anyone that might not know this, do not buy these cards.

(Sam Hather) #22

£115 more for absolutely no reason is quite a lot more lol. 25% extra!

(Sam Hather) #23

How is it only £51?

If we exclude sales tax then ours is £515 and theirs is $699?

(DayC) #24

$51 sorry not pounds, read the post I linked. Even if you convert the dollars to pounds you’re getting roughly a £481 conversion, the gap isn’t that large until you add sales tax.

(Sam Hather) #25

There’s a £115 difference pre-tax. (IGNORE THIS I DON’T KNOW WHAT’S WRONG WITH ME - 60hr week hurting my soul)

BUT (was about to post the below until I saw your reply)

Figured it out.

He’s using 1.2 as the exchange rate when it’s actually 1.4 which is why our calculations differed.

1.2 is probably more real in terms of sales due to them predicting fluctuations in exchange rates. Fair enough!

(Gavin Rainey) #26

Smidsys GFX card blew up this week without thinking about him

if it waited a few months we couldve got one of these

(Fatmanp) #27

Was looking on NeoGaf earlier and somebody has posted a tweet from an EVGA employee who has confirmed that the custom cards are not far away. Biggest issue with the Founders Edition is that it is only 1x8 power pin. That leads to a fair amount of throttling. Once the partners release their cards they can include a second x6 or x8 pin for better performance alongside the superior coolers.

(Fatmanp) #28

Hoping Asus announce the Strix edition soon.

I will be looking into selling my MSI GTX 780ti when i buy one of these. Problem is I do not have the original packaging. I just have the card. If anybody is willing to make me an offer I will consider anything.I can see that the non Ti version for the card is knocking around for about £100 on Ebay so if somebody wishes to make me a bid of £100 it will be yours the moment I decide which 1080 I wish to pick up. GPUZ stuff below.It is clocked slightly above the reference design but has the benefit of the Twin Frozr fans and has no coil whine.

(Paul Corkin) #29

How would this compare to r9 390 which i was looking at, Bare in mind i only use pc for csgo, HoTs, D3 and overwatch coming up.

(Fatmanp) #30

If those are the only games you play even the390 is overkill.

(Paul Corkin) #31

True but i’m also thinking longevity as well as i may pick up games in the future.

(Fatmanp) #32

Hold on to see what the 1070 looks like. Nvidia reckon it is going to have Titan X levels of performance.

(Fatmanp) #33

The NDA for AIB partners expires today so we should start to see benchmarks for cards with better cooling solutions and more power pins. The EVGA FTW edition has 2x8 power pins and a much better cooler so we shall see.

(DayC) #34

Here’s a chart of all the partner cards leaked so far, no clue what the dots mean.

(DayC) #35

Msi have released their cards.

(Gavin Rainey) #36

Whats an NTitanX?

Negro Titan?

(DayC) #37

That is the most logical conclusion i’ve ever seen anyone come to.

(DayC) #38

EVGA prices

EVGA power phase count

(Sanchez ) #39

Well the Asus Strix GTX1080 info has been released , custom LEDs , more power , 0db fans , 2x hdmi ports and 2x fan headers plus its $60 cheaper than the foundation edition will probably mean its the card to beat.

Nvidia revealed the GeForce GTX 1080 at the beginning of May to much fanfare. The company announced that Founders Edition cards (reference) would
_ be available and that partners would be free to launch their own custom_
_ cooled and overclocked cards on May 27. Asus didn’t waste any time _
_preparing the Strix edition cards. _

The GeForce GTX 1080 is the first Pascal based GPU
_ to hit the market. It features 2560 Cuda cores and 160 texture units, _
_and under Nvidia’s specification, it operates at 1607 MHz (1733 MHz _
_boost). Partners are of course free to adjust the clock speeds as they _
_see fit to take advantage of their advanced cooling solutions, and Asus _
_has done just that with the two Strix models. _

_The Asus Strix GeForce GTX 1080 cards come equipped with the _
_company’s Direct CU III cooler that runs copper heatpipes directly over _
the GPU and spread out through a large array of vertically-mounted fins.
_ Asus cools the heatsink with three wing-blade 0-dB fans that spin down _
_when the card is at idle or processing a light workload. Asus said the _
_wing-blade fans are tuned for maximum static pressure and claimed that _
_the Direct CU III cooler offers 30% better cooling performance than _
_Nvidia’s Founder’s Edition cooler. _

_The Asus Strix GTX 1080 cards are designed for better overclocking _
_performance. In addition to the Direct CU III cooler, Asus has added a _
_second power connection so the card can draw more, stable power. The _
_cards also feature an 8+2 phase power solution that Asus said operates _
_cooler and more efficiently than the reference design. The Asus Strix _
_cards are also manufactured with the company’s Auto-Extreme technology, _
_which ensures fewer manufacturing errors by automating the entire _
_assembly process. _

_ Strix GTX 1080 cards come equipped with Aura RGB lighting. The front _
_shroud of the card includes six different LED lights, and the backplate _
_includes an illuminated Strix logo. The lighting can be customized, and _
_Asus offers six different lighting modes, including static color, _
_breathing and music effect. You can even make it react to the GPU _
_temperature. The lighting effects for the GPU and other Aura-enabled _
_components are independent, but Asus said a future software update will _
_enable synchronization between the lights on the graphics card and Aura enabled motherboards. _

Asus is also introducing an interesting new fan control feature along
_ with the Strix GTX 1080 cards. Asus Fanconnect technology puts the GPU _
instead of the CPU in control of your chassis fans. Case fans have long _
been controlled by the CPU load through your motherboard, but these days
_ GPU load doesn’t necessarily mean there’s heavy CPU load. Asus has put _
two fan headers directly onto the Strix GTX 1080 cards, allowing the GPU
_ load to dictate the pace at which the case fans ramp up or slow down.

(Sanchez ) #40

Benchmarks say there’s no real-life advantage vs the r390.Was it cheap?

I have a 8% OC on my normal r390 and its overkill at 1080p on most AAA games.I play most things at 1440p , then 4k with low effects if i put a game on my TV.