NFL Discussion Thread

(Dean) #1

With the draft happening in a few hours, i thought i would see if any SSRCG brothers are NFL fans and want to chat some shit about it.

I’m interested to see who The Rams take as the #1 pick, probably Goff but we shall see.

(Paul Corkin) #2

100% They take Goff, No Brainer, though I’ve no idea what my team (phili) wanted with the number 2 pick, I mean sure Bradford isn’t a Brady but to come up to 2nd just to take Wentz seems dumb af but what do i know i guess. They say they aren’t trading Bradford either even though he’s asked to be traded, maybe they have a plan who knows. I would like another high performing WR but pity there is none worth taking at 2, Maybe they will use Wentz or Bradford in some sort of trade. Also i miss Chip :frowning:

(Dean) #3

The sam bradford thing is a completely shit fest/mind fuck for phily fans. Like i think to make the move they made (giving up so much like the rams did) they have to be wanting a QB, i think they are kicking themselves about bradford and the opportunity to move up in the draft didn’t even enter their mind at that point.

(Paul Corkin) #4

Only thing that makes sense is that they have a trade planned for Bradford otherwise it’s the dumbest move I’ve seen in quite some time, Though the eagles have come out and said hes staying put. See come draft time what happens if they snap up Wentz.

(Adam Harwood) #5

Being a rams fan myself, I was quite surprised we traded up to 1st however I was happy we did it so we were able to take Goff. Looking forward to seeing what he will do for our team. We still need some options for him as we are not a tall team for receiving and having a good quarterback is only half a recipe. Plus with letting go some of the old guard in defence it will be interesting to see if it will be as strong and able to not only score points but actually keep them off the board. Exciting season ahead for us and looking forward to the new home.

Oh and I get to see them later in the year at twickenham. Hopefully it will be a better game than when I watched them against the pats at Wembley a couple of years ago!

(DayC) #6

Didn’t realise this was happening been so busy, i’m an Eagles fan and really happy to see we picked up Wentz. About time we had a decent prospect QB. Wish they’d come to Wembley.

(Paul Corkin) #7

Rams look decent, Defense should be solid again as always, so it’s just a matter of waiting to see how Goff does from the get go. Everyone saying he’s ready to go day one unlike Wentz so will be interesting. Also looking forward to seeing Bosa play, dudes sick!

(Dean) #8

BUMP. Calling all SSRCG NFL heads

Now the season has started a few weeks back, whats your thoughts now with your teams? I’m a Dolphins fan and we are currently 0-2 with two close games to the Seahawks and the Patriots which i expected us to lose tbh. We are playing the Browns tomorrow so atleast we will be 1-2 after that haha. @DayC looks like Wentz is doing a pretty good job at the mo. I thought he was better than Goff from before the draft but looks like he is proving that he quite the beast.

(Paul Corkin) #9

I’m a Philly fan too, Wentz seems to be doing the job but like everyone’s saying, haven’t really been tested, Tomorrow against at home to Pittsburgh will test him and the team, At least it’s a home game though, then 2 winnable road games at Detroit and Washington could have us in good shape for playoffs.

From trying to watch as much as i can looks like NE are still one of the favorites to go all the way again even without Brady.

(Dean) #10

I think it goes to show that actually Brady is overratted and NE is just a well oiled machine. Doesn’t really matter who the QB is. I mean i hate the pats and they are division rivals but i have to admit they have good pieces in place.

I think the steelers game could be winnable but i see you losing it. Probs will get a few interceptions thrown just due to inexperience of playing against a good defensive line and secondaries making it hard for Wentz.

(Paul Corkin) #11

Well then…No idea what is going on 34-3 up going into the 4th. Good lord. Defenses all around today have been great, picks everywhere from what I’ve seen. Also Washington doing us a big favor beating out NYG in the early game. 3-0 with 2 more winnable games coming up looks promising.

Whoever done the scouting on Wentz deserves a raise, knew he was good but not this good.

(Dean) #12

Wentz is the real deal i think, i was telling my mate who is a rams fan that before the draft they needed to get wentz over goff. I’m glad the eagles won (not a fan of the steelers).

We beat the BROWNS in OT, and they missed a field goal at the last sec of the 4Q to make it go into OT. We won but it didn’t seem like a win, our team is fucking awful at the moment.

(DayC) #13


Cannot believe how well we’re playing after the last 3-4 seasons!

(Dean) #14

Got wrecked by the Bengals last night. Ryan Tannehill isn’t all that it must be said. :(. I see like a 3-13 season from us, hopefully can draft a new QB.