New PSU Install

(Fatmanp) #1

I will be having my first crack at installing a PSU tomorrow. WIll be getting this;

Are there any tips that people can supply to make things go smoother?

My PC already has it’s cables tucked away and tied nicely. Should I just attempt to duplicate what is already there? I will be doing this with all parts still in the case (HAF X Full Tower).

(Xenoscythe) #2

Take both side of your case off, thread them through thebig holes in the motherboard plating and only pull what you need back through the other holes!

Oh and these will be your new best friend if you’vew not bought a modular power supply :smiley:

(Fatmanp) #3

Getting a fully modular. I think my dad has loads of those cable ties. TY for advice.

(Fatmanp) #4

All done. Took about 90 mins.