New PC not powering up when CPU is installed

(Adam Mc Collum) #1

Hi guys

I started building a new pc today. I decided to breadboard it but for some reason it does not power up when the cpu is installed. All the cables are plugged in correctly and i installed the cpu the same way as in this video . I took the cpu power cable out and it powered up. I then took the cpu out and replaced the cpu power cable and it power up again. Have i just got a faulty cpu or am i missing something?

Pc Parts List


(C**t ) #2

Have you got anyother 1150 socket CPUs that you could put in just to see if it isnt DoA? Also have you checked you didn’t bend any Motherboard pins when you removed the CPU?


Sounds dumb but double check that nothing is touching the motherboard causing a short. Also, again might sound dumb, but check that your fan(s) are installed the right way around. Both of these things happened to friends of mine and caused their machines not to turn on either.

(Sam Connolly) #4

The power supply is modular so check the connection to the PSU for the cable that provides power to your CPU. If there’s another slot you can try it in on the PSU, then move it to that and try that.

If that’s correct, check your fans plugged into the motherboard, if you’ve accidentally misaligned the pins when plugging it in (i.e. put 2 pins in, but there’s a third hanging over the edge) then that would cause an issue similar to what you had. If I had to take a guess, i’d say your CPU fan hasn’t been plugged in properly but it’s difficult to say without seeing it

(Adam Mc Collum) #5

Thanks for replies guys. Im 99% sure its the cpu. I tried both cables and power slots on the PSU. I took off the heatsink and cpu fan and tried but the whole thing only powers up when the cpu isnt in the socket. Its either the Motherboard or the cpu and without the cpu working its pretty hard to test if its the motherboard or not. (im not getting any beeps or anything indicating memory error.)

(Adam Mc Collum) #6

Ended up being the motherboard causing the issues but got it all working and its a beast. Now just need to get a nice case now. Anyone have any recommendations, priority being ventiation and air flow.

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(Josh) #8

Cases are totally preference.

Can’t say there are too many what I would call cool cases for ATX mobos.

The one @Sith linked is decent, in terms of looks and performance.

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(Josh) #10

The inwin D frame is cool as fook, but you need quite a chunk of change for one.

Corsair cases imo are good bang for buck.

(C**t ) #11

Love that hes got Sli cards in that case and then an intel cooler on his CPU haha.

(Josh) #12

Yeah, I’m thinking someone didn’t have it in the budget for a decent cpu cooler after destroying the bank account for SLI and the case XD

(C**t ) #13

Its a really nice case, the build looks shit though.

(Xenoscythe) #14

That’s the one i told @Roozle to get, its bigger than the picture makes it out to be! Really good case though.

(Josh) #15

Still want a D Frame mini, prob for a LAN build. Got near enough spare parts for a second pc now.

@Xenoscythe thats the case I got a mate of mine to buy, its a decent case for sure.

(C**t ) #16

Theres this one two for mATX/mITX: