New PC / Laptop

(Fatmanp) #41

So what are you going to be playing? Quite a few new releases coming up i.e BF1, Civ 6, Titanfall 2, Dishonored 2 and Watch Dogs.

(Ryan Roberts) #42

Civ 6 and BF1 definitely, I’d like to get into Dota II again, although SkitzQ is trying to get me into League of Legends… CS:GO, Rocket League, H1Z1 I think will also be on the agenda. Perhaps Overwatch, but I found myself getting bored of it last time I played it. Oh and I’ve heard good things about BattleRite.

(Fatmanp) #43

I will be on BF1 quite a lot. Add me on origin - Fatmanp

(Ryan Roberts) #44

Will do, though I’d like to avoid installing Origin for as long as I possibly can…

(Lethal) #45

Origin can do one. I always do my best to stay away as well


Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, literally the only reason I have it installed.

(Sam Hather) #47

Origin really isn’t bad. Their support on there Is 10/10 too. Uplay on the other hand…

(Sam Hather) #48

Hey guys, shoenice here. Some lass I know has asked me to build her brother a pc but I have not looked at parts for a long time so don’t know whatd be good for his budget.

He needs keyboard and mouse and monitor too with a budget of around 1.5k. But he’ll actually need to pay for it to get built or buy a prebuilt ty in advance sweeties xxxx

(C**t ) #49 just threw this together between games, might need another looking over.

(Sam Hather) #50

Looks decent I’ll try cut that down to u der his budget as well cos he’s not willing to try build it like