New PC / Laptop

(C**t ) #21
Thats the monitor i use, it is a little more expensive.

(Dean) #22

What’s the performance difference between your set-up and a closed loop system?

(Sam Connolly) #23

@Tugsy yeah taking a look at this setup, I’d say swerve it. It looks beautiful, but you really don’t want to get it wrong, and that shit looks tricky.

If you want to spend all the £2000, throw in another GTX 980Ti. But personally I’d advise you wait to do it. Get a better PSU so you leave your options open. stick the money to one side, if and when you find you can’t run a game at 60FPS THEN you should upgrade. But I guarantee you, by the time you come across a game you can’t run at 60FPS, then GTX 980’s will have dropped to about £200. Because that graphics card is fucking awesome, there is not a thing you will struggle to run unless you’re using a 4k monitor.

(Gavin Rainey) #24

@Tugsy Prio, Freebird, Sith will get you down to the best build for your £

And the graphics card point is spot on.

Get a nice beefy kilowatt fully modular PSU

(Sam Connolly) #25

Okay so here’s my take on this build:

Overall: It’s better than what I threw together.

He’s right about the closed loop watercooling (as long as you don’t want to overclock), CPU, RAM, GPU and Monitor if you want to go for 4k.

I’ll elaborate on his point about RAM, the physical distance from your CPU is what bottlenecks RAM, your RAM can be faster, but it doesn’t make a difference because it’s still got to travel that distance to get back to the CPU. This is why you have a cache on the CPU, so that you can store the important small programs on your CPU, without having to travel all that distance to get to the RAM and grab the program.

The SSD will be big enough for a few games, but some games are like 30 gig each, this might not last you very long.

The big difference between the processor I chose and the one Sith chose is basically the motherboards which support the processor. The one I chose has mobos which support DDR4 RAM, the one he chose will support DDR3. DDR4 is still in it’s early stages, developments will come for it, however if you see my earlier point, it’s not really going to make a difference. What changes with better RAM is typically the frequency, so it just doesn’t matter.

If you’re going for a 4k build, you’ll need that second graphics card, if not, I’d leave it out. The better PSU is a good idea though (the one in Sith’s build is better than the one I chose). It’ll future proof your build, and save on electricity bills if nothing else.

As for mobo’s, maybe a while back ASUS were the best when 3D BIOS’s were being introduced, personally I think they pretty much all do the same thing now anyway so I wouldn’t stress over that too much. I’d just go with whatever looks prettiest in your build, or saves you money.

(Josh) #26

In all honesty mate not a massive difference on the CPU temps, probably around about 5 degrees less than the all in one H80i I had before.However it is a night and day difference over the stock GPU cooler, I get about a max of 40 degrees from my GPU while playing games and it sits around 20 degrees on idle. I struggled to get the temps anywhere near the throttling point of the GPU when I was overclocking it, the overclock capped out long before temps would have been the stopping point. (I will note that I run a stock clock on the GPU at the moment).

@Prio I think the point that @Sith and myself was getting at is that a more than capable 4k system is available to Ryan for the budget he has in mind. If he is not interested in looking into 4k then one 980ti is totally fine for a reasonably long time. I didn’t really intend to dive into 4k with my pc, I just saw how much a single 980ti raped everything so I thought I would grab a cheap 4k monitor and see if it could handle that too. For the best experience you would definitely need two 980ti’s for 4k. At least we can all agree that intel and nvidia are the vendors we should be looking at here haha.

Your point about the SSD; storage space imo is totally user dependant. I myself run a couple of 250gb SSD’s, my old 120gb SSD and a 2TB HDD. I don’t really require this at all, it is more of a “I have these drives laying around, might as well use them”. Having a relatively large capacity secondary drive is super useful, this is where I put pretty much most of the content that is on my pc; movies, TV shows, photos, my documents, music etc. These are all items that I don’t feel require the faster read/write speeds. Whereas I have all my most played games stored on my SSD’s, because it is always nice to load super fast. An SSD as a boot drive however is something that I just could not live without, that is the one thing that anyone getting a new pc will notice the most if they have not had the pleasure of using a solid state before.

I have used quite a few vendors now for mobos and honestly I would say my preference is Asus. I am a fan of their GUI and the fact that their boards just work, no bullshit.

Also, get a Parvum case, they are rad :stuck_out_tongue:

(C**t ) #27

With an SSD, aslong as you have enough for your OS and a few games its no problem as you can upgrade and add another in the future, or you could get a PCIe SSD for like 2700MBs SRead speeds which is were SSDs are going really with those and M.2.

What you’ve said is correct about RAM speeds its the whole reason HBM is now a thing on GPUs and Nvidias Pascal GPUs with have HBM2 when they release.

As for the Mobo i just feel things like AI Suite and Fan Xpert is what makes it better, that and i feel their boards just look so much better than most others.

980Ti Video

Basically you need 2 for a smooth 4K enviroment on most modern games.

(Sam Connolly) #28

@Freebird yeah number of SSD’s and sizes are absolutely down to the person and how much shit they have. I’m just pointing out the size of the SSD is probably not going to last for a large number of games.

I never disagreed that the 4k build wasn’t available, I’m trying to say I’d probably still go with Sith’s build even if I wasn’t going to go for 4k, but I’d just drop the second 980ti and monitor.

@Sith You’re right, SSD’s are heading in that direction and that’s where the new Skylake i7’s actually pose a benefit, as it had a 40% increase in PICe 3.0 bandwidth which is almost entirely reserved for SSD’s using PCIe 3.0.

@Tugsy Really the only benefit of my build over Sith’s mine has marginally quicker RAM (So marginal you won’t notice it), and if you go for one of the newer more expensive i7’s, then you could get a quicker SSD which would mean quicker loading times and writing times, and also closed loop water cooling if you want to overclock your cpu. The benefits of his are: 4k looks pretty fucking tasty, if you want 4k then this is the cheaper route to go down, SSD’s are cheaper to upgrade than GPU’s.

My advice: If you want to spend all £2000, go with Sith’s build. If you don’t want to spend all £2000, go with Sith’s build without the second GTX 980ti and without the 4k monitor.

(Ryan Roberts) #29

Over a year of procrastination later… finally got around to it (apologies for potato quality)

I think this is called ascending… I’m in the market for a new monitor, any advice?

(Gavin Rainey) #30

144hz, GSync if you want to splash up.

If you havent used a 144hz monitor before, trust me you will never want to go back.

Everyone here will vouch for you.

(Ryan Roberts) #31

Cheers Gaz, I’ll look into them. Any brands you would recommend?

(Lethal) #32

No excuse to not come on and play some CS with us now safe

(Sam Hather) #33

BenQ 10/10

(Ryan Roberts) #34

I’m doing my hair… sorry.

Do I have you on steam?

(Lethal) #35

Think so but I need to double check. Give me your steam anyways and I’ll make sure.

(Gavin Rainey) #36

If you are spending ~£200-250 I have a BenQ XL2411Z that kicks ass there, if you go more the Asus ROG GSync monitors are absolutely nutty

(Fatmanp) #37

+1 for Gsync. Can’t game without it now.

What specs did you wind up settling on?

(Ryan Roberts) #38

Cheers lads, it was the following Phatmayne:

  • Intel i7-6700K 4.00GHz Quad Core CPU
  • MSI GeForce GTX 1080 Aero O.C - 8GB Graphics Card
  • Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB (2x8GB) 2400MHz DDR4 Memory-Black
  • 1TB SATA III Hard Disk with Samsung 250GB SSD
  • Gigabyte Z170X Gaming 3
  • 550W Corsair VS550 80+
  • Corsair H110i AIO Hydro/Water Intel/AMD LED CPU Cooler
  • NZXT Case, forgot the model number…


Nice specs man, looks like the H440 but yea damn nice rig bro ^^

(Ryan Roberts) #40

Cheers dude, yes that’s the one.