New PC / Laptop

(Ryan Roberts) #1

Alright mother fornicators.

My PC died a death in early January (won’t power on), it’s been on its last legs for a while - it was a custom build from Aria.

I’m in the market for a new one now - I’m learning towards the laptop route as I will also be using this for my work… but I have no doubt I’ll also be doing some gaming as well so I’m also tempted to get another tower.

No budget… hit me with options please. Any advice would be / is appreciated.

(Josh) #2

Ryan…its all about budget! lol

Have a think about what you would be happy to spend and people can provide options.

I personally find it very hard to recommend PC builds etc. without a budget in mind. It’s all about bang for your buck.

As I am sure you will know you will get a much better PC for the equivalent laptop in terms of cost.

(Gavin Rainey) #3

I love that site

pick us a range and we can try

(Ryan Roberts) #4

Probably around £800 to £1,000. Already have a monitor, keyboard etc.

(Josh) #5

I would be inclined to say sod a laptop and go for a rig I just think you get so much more value for money. If you are keen on a laptop I would look at MSI they always look decent.

800-1000 for a rig though, you could get something rather nice for that. As @Easy said, logical increments is the best place for a rough idea of what parts to go for. I think once again you have to whittle your decision down to laptop or PC though.

(Ryan Roberts) #6

I was looking at the Gigabyte P35K as a laptop option:

In regards to a rig… I’ve never built one before, but it’s tempting as it’s something I’ve wanted to do for a while. Looking at logicalincrements site @Easy I would put myself in ‘outstanding’ rows in terms of setup.

(Josh) #7

Just go with the rig, it really is easy to build a PC especially these days! You can’t really plug stuff in where it doesn’t go.

I would pretty much be inclined to spec you basically my PC as it falls in the same price range with a few changes, like a H80i water cooler for the CPU (its a sealed unit very easy to install) and my GPU isn’t as good as a GTX 970 (that wasn’t out when I got mine or I would have 100% got that).

For your budget you could do a devils canyon i5, GTX 970, SSD or two, a storage HDD, water cooler, decent mobo, modular power supply, at least 8GB of fast RAM and a nice case.

You could even go for a mini ITX build for a smaller total unit.

(Ryan Roberts) #8

Lost you from the second part of your second paragraph… way too technical for me. But if you want to spec me something out in line with your setup with any improvements like you mentioned with GTX970 that would be grand.

(Ryan Roberts) #9

Went with the laptop gents, I’ll probably do a decent rig build later in the year. I need to mobility at the moment!

Cheers for the advice.

(Gavin Rainey) #10

Any time you want help just let us know and enjoy your new laptop! What did you get?

(Ryan Roberts) #11

So… bump time. I think I’m going to do a build - budget circa £2,000 if that helps. Any recommendations?

(DayC) #12

@Prio might be able to help.

(Sam Connolly) #13

Need absolutely everything, down to the mousemats, monitors and headsets?

And if so, any preference on how many monitors you want?

(Ryan Roberts) #14

Thanks for your reply @Prio

Mousemat, no. Monitor, no (however I was thinking about getting a second for a dual setup). I’m considering getting another headset, but lets keep that outside of this budget.

(Sam Connolly) #15

Okay cool, not gonna lie I’ve never built a PC with a budget that high, so what I’ve done is spent as much as I can. If you don’t have a 144hz monitor, get one. There’s a massive remainder in the budget. It’d be about £250ish I imagine, although I’ve never actually seen one with my own eyes, from what I hear they’re just smooth as fuck. Don’t know how much you know about monitors but 144hz describes the number of times the screen refreshes every second. So the more of those, the smoother it’s going to look (providing your graphics card doesn’t bottleneck it, with this kind of a build it won’t).

Now you’re still £300 ish under budget here, if you want to fill it, then scrap the closed loop water cooling kit I put in there, and do proper water cooling yourself. I don’t know enough about water cooling to build a loop and don’t really want to even try to build it for someone else because basically, I don’t want to fuck it up, but there are plenty of tutorials online and I’m sure you could find someone more knowledgeable than me if you want to have a crack at it. Just a heads up though, you may need a different case so you have somewhere to put a reservoir, I’m not sure.

I’m not gonna lie mate, you’ve given a ridiculously large budget, there is absolutely no need for this expensive a motherboard other than the fact it looks pretty. You could save yourself £50+ and there’d be absolutely no difference other than the way it looks.

I haven’t put a second SSD in there because personally I don’t think there’s a point, I’d rather sacrifice the read/write speed for extra memory because if you’re anything like me, you’ll have a shit tonne of films and music which is what takes up most of your space. Having fast read / write speeds to this just really isn’t essential and you’ll never in your life think “Oh wow, I wish I was writing this film to a disk faster”. If you have loads of games then they will load quicker on SSD’s, so it’s beneficial if you want to load in quicker, but it’s also about £200 more expensive for a 1TB SSD than it is for a 3TB HDD.

This is just what I’d go with. If you’re not confident setting up water cooling yourself, stick with the closed loop kit, it’s easy as fuck, you’ll have no trouble setting it up. If anyone else would make some changes to the build below then shout up. I haven’t spent all his budget simply because… I can’t. He has the very top end of hardware out right now in that build and it’s still under budget. The only thing we could maybe do is cut some price here and there and SLI another GTX 980 Ti. But I’d suggest going for a 144hz monitor before you do that :slight_smile:

(Ryan Roberts) #16

@Prio, thank you for your reply - that’s awesome and looks good. I know nothing about watercooling, so I think the closed loop kit is probably a safer bet.

Two questions for you, what did you mean by SLI another GTX? Does that mean having to graphics cards running simultaneously sharing the load? Secondly, if you were to do anything to what you’ve listed to improve / future proof the build what would it be?

Nice to know there’s a useful member of the Connolly tribe out there @DayC

(Sam Connolly) #17

No worries :slight_smile:

So SLI is just exactly what you described. You use two of the same Nvidia graphics cards, and they run along side eachother. However doing this you lose a bit of performance from the second graphics card. In my opinion, don’t bother with this, there is nothing you will struggle to run on ultra graphics with a GTX 980Ti (the graphics card that’s in that build). And you can always come back and SLI in the future if you decide your PC still isn’t powerful enough.

In order of what I’d upgrade, it’d be:

  1. 144hz Monitor
  2. Mechanical keyboard
  3. A good weighted gaming mouse.
  4. A really good headset
  5. Power Supply (could spend more on a PSU which has a lower energy consumption rating, but costs more, probably wouldn’t pay for itself for a little while).
  6. A second graphics card (Has to be a GTX 980Ti)

Think about things around you like your desk, chair, anything else you can think of that you want to upgrade too to make you more comfortable. At the moment you have the best of the best in that build, and you still haven’t hit your budget, so whatever you choose to build, you won’t go far wrong. If you want, you could spend more money on LED’s too, make it look pretty. Also would recommend ordering some extra fans for your case. The cooler the better. There will be someone on this forum who knows about water cooling if you choose to pursue that though.

(Josh) #18

Did someone say watercooling?

In short, I wouldn’t suggest doing a custom loop. Not trying to sound a dick but it is probably too advanced for you to bother looking into. It took me best part of a week to get mine up and running doing bits and bobs after work each night. However I will say that my case is rather awkward for it and I shouldn’t of really managed to fit two thick 240mm rads in the case either lol. In a bigger case it would be so much easier!

It also cost probably somewhere between £600-£750 to do with all EKWB parts. This only gets more expensive the more GPU’s you add as you have to purchase more GPU waterblocks which are around £100 each.

I am glad I did mine don’t get me wrong, but it is quite involved and a lot of effort.

I would recommend the all in one sealed units, they are quite nice and very easy to install.

Continuing the discussion from Custom water loop:

(C**t ) #19

Ive spec’d a few builds around that price (This is my PC, for the money you are spending id go with this Looking on logical increments ( ) you’re going to be looking at a 4K PC really, with 2 GPUs.

I didnt go with a water cooler as i assume youre not going to be Overclocking and both your cards are air coolers so the noise they produce will trump anything else in your case.

CPU, for me Skylake has no tangible benifits over Haswell Refresh other than you pay more for RAM, Mobo and the Chip.

Mobo, ASUS probably the best manufacturers of motherboards, the software that comes with it is so user friendly and easy to use, that said you could upgrade it for a motherboard with more features.

RAM, good RAM you wont be needing more than 16GB and you wont really notice a difference with a higher frequency.

SSD, 250GB enough for your OS and some games with the HDD being 2TB for movies, music etc.

GPUs, @Freebird is the only person i know with one, and he loves it great card, if you want to be playing the most recent titles at 4K you’ll be needing two as one just falls short, two though is more than enough and should see through past the Pascal GPU release next year. SLI isnt at all hard to use either so i wouldnt worry about that, I didnt have an SLI setup until this year and its easy to setup and maintain.

PSU, you cannot really go wrong with corsair, life time warrenty, has corsair link enabled so you can check your wattages if you care for that kind of thing. Modular so it saves mess in the back of your case, while allowing you to get nice sleaved cables if you so desire.

Case, if i were you id look at some and pick the one you like, itll be in your house etc, so me picking a case that i like doesnt really make much sense, that said i put in an Air 540 which is very nice case in my eyes, dual chamber so it hides your PSU and drives.

Monitor, again @Freebird has this monitor and uses it everyday, i know he likes it but im sure if you asked him he could tell you in more detail. Has no ghosting and is 60Hz.

It is over budget by £150-£200 but the ability to play 4K video, 4K games and browse in 4K is worth the extra speaking from my own experiences.

(Josh) #20

I should stress that the AOC 4K monitor is an entry level 4K panel, however it really isn’t bad for the money. I bought one to see what 4K was like as my PC was able to run it. The games I play aren’t hugely demanding so I have not added a second 980ti to my system; I am spending most of my time on Diablo 3 atm, which rarely drops below 60fps in 4k.

I will add a second GPU when I feel the need to do so, but I will have to alter my water loop to incorporate it. This is probably another reason I haven’t bothered to do it yet haha.

The build that @Sith has done is a better appropriation of funds IMO than the previous one, simply because you get more for your money. From memory the new CPU architecture did not benchmark well enough over the “last gen” to warrant the additional cost of all the other compatible components.